Many type of of you most likely remember the play I’m around to respeak to.

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The Seattle Seahawks were ahead of the Arizona Cardinals, 34-16, midmethod with the fourth quarter of a “Thursday Night Football” matchup on Oct. 17, 2013. Carson Palmer completed a short pass over the middle to wide receiver Michael Floyd, that then took the round and also tried to rotate it up the right sideline.

Rictough Shermale had actually Floyd squared up and also was ready to make the tackle. He didn’t check out Larry Fitzgerald waiting to his left. As Floyd ongoing his sprint towards the sideline, Sherman turned right into Fitzgerald and also ran into a brick wall.

The collision was big as is. But it can have been bigger. Much bigger.

“He went simple,” Sherman told NBC Sports Northwest.

Fitzgerald fundamentally just stood his ground, sort of choose a basketsphere player establishing a display. Other players would have actually taken the opportunity to provide a devasting blow to Seattle’s edge.

“He had a clean swarm on Sherm, prefer best on the side of his helmet and didn’t take it. He knew that Sherm wasn’t going to make the play whether he blocked him or not,” Bobby Wagner sassist on Wednesday as he prepares for one more bout versus Fitzgerald and the Cardinals. “Some players would’ve took that swarm and probably could’ve hurt him. He’s mindful of not trying to perform somepoint choose that to attempt to hurt a player.”

That was just Wagner’s second season in the NFL. It was Sherman’s 3rd. Both players were obviously well-acquainted with Fitzgerald as an All-Pro receiver, however that was the play that depicted that the future Hall of Famer was as a competitor.

When I experienced him perform that, I acquired a lot of respect for him, and then obviously as soon as you acquire to understand him as a person; what he represents, just how he treats his teammates, family members, civilization in the organization, you just thrive to have actually the majority of respect for him," Wagner shelp.

(Another among Wagner’s favorite stories is once he offered Fitz his jersey after a game in 2018. As a sign of his appreciation, Fitzgerald sent a signed jersey to Wagner’s residence this past offseachild.

Added Sherman: “He’s simply an excellent guy and an excellent sportsman. He plays as hard as he deserve to and plays the game the ideal way.”

The play impacted Pete Carroll so much that Seattle’s head coach sent it into the league office to usage as teach tape for exactly how to properly hit while respecting your foe.

"It"s still a large hit," Carroll said. "But it might have actually been a colossal collision had he taken complete benefit of the opportunity, and he didn"t. His poise and his character demonstrated that he understands. That"s really cool stuff.”

Fitzgerald remembers the play vividly also. He detailed that the NFL began to outlaw crack ago blocks that seakid. He didn’t want to price his team 15 yards, nor did he desire to gain fined in the process. Fitzgerald likewise recognized that the play is a fair illustration for his strategy to football.

“I just believe that you’ve acquired to respect the game,” Fitzgerald told NBC Sport Northwest on Thursday. “You play the game difficult to the whistle yet not put anybody"s livelihood in jeopardy. I recognize Sherm. I"ve recognized him for a really lengthy time. I have the majority of love and also respect for him, his wife, his youngsters, his mom, his dad, his sister. I know all of them.

I play him hard. I play him one of the hardest of anybody in the league. I desire to beat him even more than anybody, yet I"m never going to carry out anypoint to jeopardize his career or his livelihood.

Now Fitzgerald is making his way back to CenturyLink Field as the Seahawks organize the Cardinals in Week 16. It might be the final time he plays Seattle as nobody knows whether or not he’s going to speak to it quits after this season, his 1sixth in the NFL.

Both Wagner and also Carroll were hesitant about Fitz possibly calling it a career. He stays fertile through 67 receptions for 711 yards and also 3 touchdowns in 2019. Sudepend Canton, Ohio have the right to hold off for a few more years.

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“He still looks remarkable,” Wagner sassist. “I desire him to carry out whatever before is finest for him and his family but, he looks favor he’s playing some really excellent sphere at a high level. I would certainly be surprised if he doesn’t store going. But if he does, it’s constantly been a lot of respect on this end, most love on this finish. I hope we deserve to keep hitting him for a pair more years.”

Fitzgerald has actually 175 career receptions in 30 games versus the Seahawks for 2,069 yards and 12 touchdowns. Aacquire, Carroll isn’t banking on Game No. 31 being Fitz’ last expedition to the Pacific Northwest.

“I’ll think it once I view it,” Carroll shelp half-jokingly. “If he wants to retire, that’d be great. I don’t understand why he would. He’s still going solid.”