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Revlon Color Effects Frost and Glow Hair Highlight Kit, Blonde
Color Effects Frost & Glow
Paraben Free

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Revlon’s Frost & Glow Blonde Highlighting Kit is so straightforward to use. I had the ability to highlight my hair at house and by myself. The color turned out so excellent. Anytime I’ve ever before provided an at house hair color, my hair has turned oarray. With the cap that’s included, you have the right to choose to highlight a little or lot of hair. It’s virtually impossible to mess up.
I love just how my hair looks now! The shade is perfect for summer and also I’ve gained so many type of compliments. My friends assumed I saw the salon. My little bit secret! Very simple to use at home!
I absolutely love the shade this gave me. But I would certainly absolutely recommend, doing a strands test. I had many breakage. I must have strengthened my hair prior to usage. So as lengthy as you have healthy hair, no present dye it need to be good.
This is such a great highlighting kit! Super straightforward to usage and I love the no drip cap! I deserve to specifically pick what parts/strands to highlight without bleaching various other strands or it being splotchy. This box comes through every little thing I need! Didn't revolve my hair oarray, dry or brassy! Has keratin in it which is good for my hair! I acquired the specific outcomes I wanted without the salon price!
I chosen it, I think it is a finish and high-top quality kit, it is fairly straightforward to usage, you deserve to carry out whatever alone but it takes much longer, ask for help if feasible. You absolutely have to carry out the time test via a lock of hair, although it tells you that the maximum is one hour, but to know precisely the time you have to execute the test. Tright here was just one thing that I feel can boost is the amount of shampoo and conditioner, they just come in sachets, very bit amount,
This highlighting kit is a life saver! I love it a lot, it works well with dark hair too! I’m so impressed that I came through a toner and also the outcome is just perfect! Highly recommended!
I really choose this highlighting kit. It left my hair with herbal looking highlights , I have actually had a number of compliments on my hair given that utilizing it yet you must have someone to aid you through it as soon as using the cap
My results came out extremely subtle, I was scared to do also many kind of bereason I have actually made that mistake in the past through kits like this. So following time I'd probably perform even more. But the highlights came out really pretty and I would certainly recommfinish.
Great product. Worked so well. Did exactly what package said it would certainly execute. Perfect frost blonde hair. Didn’t damages either.

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Skip the salon and produce practice highlights at home utilizing our all-in-one highlighting kit! Create more specific blonde looks via the help of our easy-to-use LightZones Cap and also Hook. This highlighting kit is formulated via Bond Restore Complex , an anti-breakage technology that reasons much less damages after achieving subtle or dramatic highlights. Finish your practice highlights hair journey via our violet-pigmented conditioner to banish brassy blonde tones. Choose the ammonia & paraben totally free shade to enhance your hair color: Honey for light brvery own to dark brown hair and also Blonde for blonde to light-brown hair.

Create salon-worthy, customizable highlights at home via this all-in-one highlighting kitLightZones Cap & Hook helps develop specific highlightsFormulated via Bond Resave Complex , an anti-breakage modern technology that causes less hair damage after achieving subtle or dramatic highlightsAmmonia-totally free and paraben-cost-free permanent hair lightener formula

Please follow the box instructions carefully, yet right here are a couple of crucial points you could desire to know appropriate now around this at-home hair bleach kit which includes whatever you need. Our hair specialists advise not washing your hair ideal prior to you color it. Apply the Color Effects Frost & Glow formula as soon as your hair is clean and dry. Put on the cap provided. Pull hair strands via wbelow youd prefer highlights. Slip on the gloves offered and also apply the formula to the hair that has been pulled with the cap. Put on the provided Over Cap over the hair. Check your hair every 5-10 minutes till youve got to your wanted highlight color. Do not exceed 60 minutes. Once your preferred lightness is reached, rinse hair, shampoo, and use violet conditioner for anti-brass results.

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Highlighting Powder Ingredients/Ingrédients De La Poudre De Reflets:Potassium Persulfate. Sodium Steaprice. Sodium Metasilicate: Sodium Chloride. Sodium Silicate. Hydroxyethylcellushed. Ethylhexyl Pelargonate. Hydrated Silica. Sodium Persulfate. Succlimbed Silica. Edta. Aqua/Water/Eau.Parfum (Fragrance). Cellulose-Sodium Acetate Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Sodium Sulfate. Amyl Cinnamal.Benzyl Benzoate: Citronellol.Hexyl Cinnamal.Limonene.Ultramarines (Ci 77007). Bo1253 Cream Developer Ingredients / Ingrédients De La Crme Révélatrice: Aqua/Water/Eau.Hydrogen Peroxide. Cetearyl Alcohol Ceteareth-23. Ceteareth-60. Cetyl Alcohol.Pentasodium Pentetate. Phosphoric Acid. Sodium Hydroxide Sodium Stannate. Sodium Benzoate. Bo1252 Moisturizing Violet Shampoo Ingredients / Ingrédients Du Shampooing Violet Hydratant:Aqua/Water/Eau. Sodium Laureth Sulfate. Sodium Lauryl Sulfatecocamide Mea.Cocamidopropyl Betaine Butylene Glycol. Citric Acid. Coconut Acid. Ethanolamine. Glycerin.Keratin Amino Acids. Panthenol.Ppg-28-Buteth-35. Propylene Glycol. Sodium Chloride Tetrasodium Edta. Parfum (Fragrance) Amyl Cinnamal. Benzyl Benzoate: Citronellol Hexyl Cinnamal Limonene Benzyl Alcohol Phenoxyethanol. Ext. Violet 2 (Ci 60730). Bo1255 Anti-Brass Conditioner Ingredients / Ingrédients Du Revitalisant Anti-Jaunissement:Aqua/Water/Eau.Cetearyl Alcohol. Glycerin. Behentrimonium Chloride. Dimethicone Butylene GlycolCitric Acid. Dimethiconolisopropyl Alcohol.Keratin Amino Acids.Parfum (Fragrance). Amyl Cinnamal Benzyl Benzoate Citronellol.Hexyl Cinnamal.Limonene. Benzyl Alcohol.Phenoxyethanol.Basic Violet 2. Hc Blue No. 16. Bo1251

Do not usage this product at all if: You have actually sensitive, irritated or damaged scalp. In this instance, consult a doctor prior to making use of any haircolor product. Avoid call via eyes. Rinse immediately if product comes right into contact through them. Do not usage on eyelashes or eyebrows. Rinse hair well after application. Wear suitable gloves. Keep out of reach of kids. This product is not intfinished to be used on children. Enclosed insert contains crucial health and also safety and security indevelopment. Read accompanying directions prior to use. This product contains persulfates and various other ingredients that might cause serious irritation, respiratory and/or allergic reactivity. Prepare and also use in a well-ventilated area. This product need to not be used for bleaching eyelashes or eyebrows - to carry out so might cause blindness.