Reuse windows 7 key

I have a home windows 7 residence premium key, and also I want to format my SSD (My PC was developed BY NCIX) Would I be able to use the exact same windows essential to install windows 7 aobtain after the format? I would be making use of the CD files replicated onto a USB... if that is even feasible.

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Refer to what I and others have sassist right here, it have to apply to you

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Its really straightforward to do. OEM tricks can just be re-provided on the same machine as the majority of are for pre-bought addressed hardware PC"s. windows.html


Before you format.

Using a command Prompt, type a string of message, hit enter and also wait for SUCCESS dialog box

Format and also re-install Windows, and also then enter product essential.


As well as posting this short article I deserve to tell you I have done this strategy myself a couple of times via both OEM and also bought tricks., when I bought an SSD for my Lappy (OEM lappeak key), did this approach and was fine.

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Yes. It will certainly work fine on exact same mobo. Guys, remember that OS keys are associated to mobo, not to HDD/SSD. Only branded (Asus, Dell, HP etc) that come with prebuilds and laptop computers cannot be resupplied or need even more occupational to acquire them useful.

^^^^ That"s my article ^^^^vvvv Who"s there? vvvv

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Remaking use of Windows 7 Key?
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