Resource shortcuts are currently disabled

I obtain right into Receiver fine on Chromebook, but once I click one of the apps, I gain this error: "Resource shortcuts are currently disabled." I have the right to open up folders through Apps, but not the apps themselves.See the attached; otherwise it is working prefer it need to - till I attempt to open up an application.

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Do you get that directly after logging in?I have actually viewed that numerous times on a Net Interconfront but only as a time-out as a result of intask.


Marc Evers | Aficionacarry out | 231 | Employees | 348 write-ups

OK.Any errors in the occasion log on the WI?Does the same thing happen if you develop anew WI?Maybe allude just to one farm if you have actually multiple.Does this occur to various other users / from other machines?

I have the exact same problem, and have actually had actually it for months currently. I gain the same error whether logging into our "apps" web gatemethod, or accessing our "mypc" (Xenapp Desktop) internet gateway.I store hoping will certainly release a brand-new version of the ChromeOS app which resolves this worry.Jonathan

Apologies for the delayed response and also the inconvenience brought Receiver for Chromebook supports on the Storefront server and also NOT the Net Interface server.If you have actually the Storefront server configured in your agency, please ask your admin to administer the Receiver for Web URL. You can then use the URL in the Chromebook receiver and also launch apps.

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will certainly you support Internet Interconfront server in the future? if so, when?Edited by: kengberg on Aug 12, 2013 10:29 PM

I am using Receiver (ICA) via Windows 8.1 I acquire the error message: "Reresource Shortcuts are presently disabled".

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How execute I resolve this?



Hi Jeffrey,


If your utilizing WI then try allowing the persistent URLs alternative and also tick "Enable users to accessibility resources making use of web browser bookmarks" in the Web Interchallenge console in session choices. I had actually this through Win8.1/receiver and also WI and also this did the trick.

I"ve been trying to downfill onto a few of my computers in my office and has had actually trouble via starting up the apps. The accounts work on computer systems containing the programs already installed, however the computer systems freshly loaded via have all given me the same message. 

Thank you


Nicholas Muñoz

Receiver for Chrome 1.5 works via Web Interconfront 5.4. Receiver for Chrome is supported on Chrome devices only which are Chromebook and Chromebox. Refer the documentation on configuration: 

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