Reset wickr password has actually made onboarding additional gadgets a lot simpler making use of Master Recoincredibly Key character strings. Why is this important? Some customers perform not have access to their main device, say mobile, and also their additional tool might not be outfitted through a electronic camera to scan an actual MRK QR code, so we’ve included the ability to usage text based MRK strings. This feature is now available in version 5.60 and higher.

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For new accounts/customers, when a new user enters for the first time, he/she will navigate via their account activation (user ID credentials such as email resolve, password, etc) - afterward, customers will currently be presented via a unique character string to copy/paste and share making use of their aboriginal sharing system (email, file, etc)

Be sure to conserve this MRK code string in a safe location wbelow just you have the right to access it for later!

What does it look like?

Once you’ve saved your MRK code, you will certainly have to review the bottom print and also agree by checking package. You should now have the ability to effectively sign-in to

What execute I carry out via it?

When including an additional gadget to your existing account, you have the right to carry out these following steps:For new users that wish to add a secondary device, you deserve to ssuggest take the MRK string code that was created (example above) and input in the display screen below. For existing users that generated an MRK containing both a QR code and also a String code, you deserve to usage the string code to include your secondary tool utilizing measures below.Don’t have your major energetic device close to you? No problem!When you enter your account credentials, you will certainly check out a QR code, sindicate Click ‘I don’t have an additional device’You will certainly check out this screen below. You deserve to copy and paste the Master Recoincredibly Key code that you had previously conserved and tap ‘recover’. You will certainly now be able to log in to your account your secondary/new tool.If you perform have actually your primary device on-hand also, you can likewise click on ‘I have actually a QR code’ and sdeserve to your conserved MRK to log in to your account


Have your original major tool handy?If you have your various other tool accessible and currently logged right into When you attempt to add another gadget to your existing account. You have the right to shave the right to your QR code. Your old tool will certainly get a notification about prompting to add a new tool. If you “allow”, then you deserve to use your video camera to sdeserve to the QR code (new device) and also have the ability to log in.Don’t have your MRK or a device?If you have not conserved your understand recoexceptionally essential or have actually another gadget then you would certainly have actually tap ‘I don’t have actually the Master Key’, which will certainly recollection your account and provide you with a new MRK and have the ability to login to

How best to save it?

Most individuals take a screenswarm and also keep it somewhere secure wbelow only they recognize the final storage place. Users typically print out a difficult copy and store it somewbelow such as a safe for a double layer of security and also protection.

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What happens if I lose it?

We extremely recommfinish that you save your Master Recovery Key in a secure and also easy to remember (for you) location . For your defense, have the right to not issue a brand-new Master Recovery Key to you nor can provide you what your original Master Recoincredibly Key is. Losing it will expect your only choice is to totally recollection your account.

Absolutely no key? Reestablishing your account is your just alternative.

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*Important to note* Reestablishing your account will certainly delete all contacts and also content in your rooms and also conversations tied to your account.