Reset autocorrect

If you acquire too fed up via iOS autocorrect, you have the right to always revolve it off too, however frequently a dictionary recollection is enough to fix continuously imappropriate corrections.

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Contrary to some claims, you carry out not should reset the iPhone or iPad to manufacturing facility defaults to settle improper word corrections, though if you had actually an excellent dictionary before it got messed up you deserve to regain from a previous backup to gain the much better autocorrect dictionary earlier.

Tright here are additionally some suggestions that reestablishing Keyboard Dictionary helps through Dictation accuracy also if it’s learned the wrong words, though we haven’t been able to verify that totally.

On a associated note, a hilarious horribly no-good dirty prank to play on friends is messing via their iPhone or iPads auto-correct dictionary, this reasons autocorrect to replace a appropriate word with a wrong word. Don’t execute that though.

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Jeff Ogrisseg says:
October 4, 2012 at 10:33 pm

Your advice has operated to deal with a peculiar annoyance I’m plagued with on my iPhone4s, but, not on my iPad (original, iOS 5.1.1).In Japan, it’s widespread exercise to tack the honorific sufsettle “-san” onto someone’s name. Unfortunately, despite the hundreds of times I have actually typed it (and compelled it), autocorrect caps it (“-San”).I have included “-san” to the shortcuts, and even tried your reset technique over, turned off the auto-capitalization, to no avail.How deserve to I teach this old dog to hunt?


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