Repair sim card

I left my nano-to-micro sim adapter inside the sim slot of my OnePlus One. While trying to take the adapter out of the sim card slot, I have actually bent/damaged the sim card slot pins. Now my phone does not read the sim any more. How to repair the damaged sim card slot

I have actually the very same trouble through my Huawei Honor 6 (H60 L12). yet my sim card simply passed away off once in usage..this slot is for 2G relationships just..

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i have actually the same problem, i was trying to lug out ma sim card from my iphone 6 plus, d pin inside broke

Best means to bring out your SIM Card adapter effectively , Just pic a plastic stick like Guitar stick and also cut it as it have the right to be quickly insert inside the Sim Card Slot. Placed this Stick in between the sim card slot and adapter so that the gap of of adapter will certainly be fulfilled and also then pull out your Adapter easily. Its incredibly basic try it before pulling straight... I was was learnt it after loosing my Xperia ZL :(

So attempt this atleast once

while taking out nano sim card from micro-simcard slot, golden pins in the slot gained damaged. How to repair it ? Are tright here any specialists for repairing it ?

Guys exactly how specifically do I settle this probelm? I was taking out the mirco sim adapter outvof my moto g 3 when it got stuck and also as I pulled it out 6 gold pins damaged off too! Guys please assist me. How carry out I deal with it? What carry out I do?






I had actually the very same problem. Buying a spare motherboard from OnePlus is shelp not possible by them.

I tried to unsolder the sim card socket through a warm air solder terminal. Way also riskies as tbelow is too much little bit components about. Overheating them may result random behaviors after that. In addition, there is 13+ solrdering points not accessible.

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The trick I offered is to rearea the damaged pins. Here the way to continue - We are considering right here you already took the motherboard out of the OnePlus One.

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1/ Needed tools

- Office adhesive tape

- A Dremel via a diamond cutting disk

- Tweezers

- Clock repair magnifier

- Soldering paste

- Hot air soldering station

- A spare sim card socket adapted to the OnePlus - got from Aliexpress

2/ Procedure

- Apply adhesive tape all about the socket to proccasion small metalic pshort articles to go anywhere and also reason short circuits

- Use closely the Dremel to open up the sim socket - Image below. Pay attention to the ejection mechanism and also let sufficient material on left and also appropriate edges.

- Get the required golden pins from the spare sockets by cutting them

- Rerelocate adhesive tape

- Apply a really tiny amount of soldering paste listed below the golden pins

- Use the tweezers to area the spare gold pins on the original sim socket

- The hot air soldering terminal collection at 250°C, low air speed, will certainly melt the soldering paste

- Let whatever cool down

- Test that brand-new pins are soldered with the tweezers

- Adsimply the heigth of the other golden pins via the brand-new ones utilizing the tweezers