Rename external hard drive mac

I have 2 external difficult drives gave by the same merchant.They both have actually the exact same name.Using them through the mac is problematic once they have the very same name.Time Machine, for example, tries to ago approximately the external drive via this name.I would certainly choose to ssuggest change the name of among these exterior hard drives.

Multiple forums have suggested 2 solutions:1: In Finder, just change the name of the drive favor you would certainly any folder2: Use Disk Utility

Neither of these options work-related for me.The name of the external drive is read only in both applications.

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If the file format of the outside difficult drive is NTFS, then El Capitan will enable you to just review the contents of the drive. To rename the drive, or to modify any contents of the drive, you will certainly have to format the drive with OS X File mechanism.


I was having actually the same concern with wanting to readjust the name of my outside tough drives. What I uncovered is my Mac did not desire to readjust the name. So I plugged the drives right into my PC pulled them up on Windows Explorer, right clicked on the drive name picked "rename" and also typed in the brand-new name. It adjusted through no worries. I plugged the drives ago into my Mac and also ta-da, the name was changed.

I did not need to adjust the format.



Go to the indevelopment tab for the drive i.e., highlight the drive in the Finder, click Command also + I. Under Name & Exstress, highlight the name in that area and change it to whatever you want. Took me a while to figure it out, as well.

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You are all talking around partitions, not physical disks. I recently cloned my internal drive (both physical and also partition name OSX8) and also did a fresh install of 10.11, naming the partition OSX11. Now I have a partition called OSX11 on a physical disk called OSX8.

For me, I think the just difference is the confusion of it being displayed that means in Disk Utility, yet I deserve to check out exactly how it can be a significant trouble through two outside disks named the exact same by the vendor, e.g. 2 TB Newer Technology.

10.11 complicates this by the switch to "Core Store". Apparently you have the right to perdevelop some manipulations via "diskutil cs …", however that is dangerous.

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I had actually the exact same trouble to readjust the name on my exterior disk, this is what I did.checked out finder Click on the gadget that You want to adjust the name highlight the name and then click file and click get information highlight the name of the device and readjust the name.

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