Remove virus from external hard drive

When your hard disk or USB is infected by shortcut virus, all your folders and papers on the storage device will certainly end up being shortcuts which you cannot open up or accessibility. To rerelocate shortreduced virus from your difficult disk or USB without losing information, you have the right to initially clean up the virus and then usage the reputable software program - File Recoincredibly Wizard to recoup records from shortcut virus.

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If everything saved on your hard drive, USB, pen drive, or external tough drive became shortcuts, your storage tools and also all documents are infected via shortreduced viruses. So, how to deal with it? Follow this page, you"ll learn exactly how to remove shortcut virus from hard disk/USB/pen drive without shedding any type of information on your own.

Reading Duration: 3-5 minutes.Difficulty Level: Easy & MediumApplies to: Rerelocate shortreduced virus and recoup papers from shortreduced virus infected tough disk, pen drive, USB, outside tough drive.


Follow the content navigation bar and inspect out just how to rerelocate viroffers from your tools and recover all lost handy files immediately:

PAGE CONTENT:Part 1. How to Remove Shortreduced Virus from Hard Disk/USB Part 2. How to Recover Files After Rerelocating Shortcut VirusPart 3. How to Proccasion Shortreduced Virus and also Virus Infection

Summary of Shortreduced Virus

In this component, you will learn:

1. What is a Shortreduced Virus?2. How does the Shortreduced Virus work-related or spread?3. What will certainly occur if your hard drive, USB, pen drive is infected with Shortcut Virus?

Basically, a shortcut virus is a kind of Trojan and worm combicountry that hides or deletes your original files on the infected device, and then relocations them all via generated shortcuts.

So just how does a shortreduced virus occupational or spread? It basically spreads in 2 ways:

#1. You clicked a shortcut connect or downloaded a shortcut virus file from the internet browser.#2. You released a file that has a shortreduced virus, then it duplicates the virus and additionally infects other papers and programs in your tool.

When your tough disk or USB is attacked by a shortreduced virus, all the files, folders, and even programs will turn to shortcuts. You deserve to neither open nor accessibility the documents and also folders on it as normal. If you double-click one of these malicious shortcuts, you offer the virus the possibility to spreview, which will certainly bring about even more damage to your data, system, and also even more.

Warning Once your difficult drive or USB is infected through a shortreduced virus, stop making use of the device and also don"t save any new papers to the drive anymore.

So exactly how deserve to I remove the shortcut virus and lug ago all the missing files? Follow the fixes presented in the following two components and you"ll learn how to deal with it.

Part 1. How to Rerelocate Shortreduced Virus from Hard Disk/USB 

Applies to: Rerelocate shortreduced virus from difficult disk, USB, pen drive, or exterior tough drive without losing data, without formatting.

One of the commonest reaction to the shortreduced virus of the civilization that check out it is to delete the shortreduced web links. However before, it constantly stops working to work since they will reappear later on.

Then, how to remove the shortcut virus or transform the shortreduced files into the original file without shedding your valuable data? Here in this part, we"ve collected 4 trustworthy approaches to help you remove the shortreduced virus from your difficult disk or USB without losing any data:

Keep in mind that we imply you follow Method 1 or Method 2 to remove the shortreduced virus and also unhide absent papers initially. If you didn"t see any kind of files, revolve to information recoextremely software program in Part 2 for aid.

After obtaining all records out of the virus infected drive, follow Method 3 or approach 4 to permanently remove shortcut virus from hard disk, USB, pen drive, or exterior disk.

Method 1. Remove Shortcut Virus Using CMD

Difficulty Level: EasyBest for: Experienced Users

Keep in mind that improper use of CMD might cause significant results. Be mindful while making use of CMD - command line to fix your present problem. In the following, we"ll guide you to delete the shortcut virus file first and also then overview you to make the surprise records and folders show up aacquire.

Connect the shortcut virus-infected USB/pen drive to your PC and follow to remove the shortcut virus from your drive using CMD: 

Tip 1. Type cmd in the Search box and right-click Command Prompt, select "Run as Administrator".

Tip 2. Type H and hit Get in. (Replace H with the drive letter of your USB, pen drive that is infected with the shortcut virus.)

Step 2. Type del *.lnk and hit Go into.

Or you might also type del (the extension of the shortcut virus) and hit "Enter".

Rearea the file extensions through .exe, .vbs, .lnk, .ini, and so on and also repeat this step.

del *.lnkdel

This command also will certainly delete shortcut documents and also rerelocate the existing shortreduced virus from your drive.

Tip 3. Type attrib -s - r -h *.* /s /d /l and hit "Enter".

You might likewise type attrib -h -r -s /s /d H:*.* and hit Enter to show the covert documents on your tool. (Replace "H" via the drive letter of your virus-infected difficult disk or USB).


Step 4. When the procedure completes, type exit and also hit "Enter" to close the command prompt home window.

Method 2. Rerelocate Shortreduced Virus Using CMD Alternative

Difficulty Level: EasiestBest for: All levels of Windows individuals, beginners" finest option.

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Is tright here an easier means that deserve to rearea CMD command to rerelocate the shortreduced virus and recuperate hidden files within only a few simple clicks? Yes, tright here is. Tools M is a perfect CMD alternate tool that can aid you out.

Manual input of the command also line is suitable for computer system specialists considering that wrong regulates can cause more significant troubles. As such, for security and also uscapability, we strongly recommfinish you attempt an automatic command line alternative. Tools M is a useful tool that permits you to check and solve records system error, enable/disable create protection and system upday through one-click instead of typing detailed command also lines.

Follow the straightforward actions below to show surprise records with this 1-click-resolve software program. 

Tip 1.  DOWNLOADVERTISEMENT Tools M for Free.

Step 2. Start Tools M, choose "File Showing" on the left pane. Next off, pick the taracquire drive for scanning.


Tip 3. After the operation completes, click the View button to check the surprise documents. 


IMPORTANT: If this strategy functions, you can see all the data on your hard disk/USB presented usually and use them as you like. Besides, to thoabout clean the shortreduced virus, you might follow Method 3 or Method 4 for assist.

Method 3. Permanently Clear Shortcut Virus Using Registry

Difficulty Level: HardBest for: Experienced Windows customers.

As Method 1 and Method 2 are quick tips to delete shortcut virus records from storage devices, it may not be able to remove some hidden virus files on your computer.

The Registry on your Windows is a database that stores indevelopment, settings, and also even more for both the OS and the applications/hardware set up. When your hard disk or USB is infected by a shortreduced virus, a brand-new subkey containing the information about the virus will certainly be added to the Windows Regisattempt.

Thus, you can also remove the shortreduced virus using Registry Editor with the complying with steps:

Tip 1. Type regedit in the Search box and right-click "regedit" and also choose "Run as administrator".

Step 2. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Run.

Step 3. Under Run, look for Regisattempt Keys named as "WXCKYz", "ZGFYszaas", "OUzzckky", "odwcamszas".

Right-click on them and also choose "Delete" to rerelocate these secrets from Regisattempt.


As the file name of the virus varies, you may need to perform even more searcs and be cautious. Do not remove any important or non-virus process.

After deleting the shortcut virus from your difficult disk or USB, restart your computer and also you will be able to usage it as usual.

Method 4. Permanently Rerelocate Shortreduced Virus utilizing Antivirus

Difficulty Level: EasyBest for: All levels of Windows individuals.

Except for Registry, you deserve to additionally usage the shortcut virus remover or antivirus software to rerelocate shortcut virus from your storage device.

Step 1. Find and download trusted antivirus software on your computer system.

Tip 2. Connect the shortcut virus infected gadget to your PC and also then run antivirus to clean up the virus.

According to many kind of professional users, you may try the complying with virus remover software application to clean up shortcut virus from your device and also PC:

Norton AntivirusAviraMcAfeeAVG

After removing the virus, you deserve to restart the computer and also continue utilizing your drive aobtain. If you uncover some papers are shed or lacking, you are extremely recommfinished to recover documents from the virus-infected hard disk or USB making use of effective data recovery software application.

Part 2. How to Recover Files After Removing Shortreduced Virus

Applies to: Recover documents after rerelocating shortreduced virus in Windows 10/8/7. 

As discussed over, a shortcut virus may hide or delete the existing files on your tough drive or USB. And some of the shortcut virus removal approaches might also reason file loss during the process.

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Fortunately, professional information recovery software is able to recuperate the folders or papers choose files, photos, audio records, and also various other crucial files from the virus-infected hard disk or USB. Here, you can try File Recoextremely Wizard.