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How deserve to I rerelocate a "shared" drive from Finder left bar (and my Mac mini late 2012 computer) under macOS Sierra 10.12.6?

I"ve tried all the suggestions I have the right to discover online, however nothing seems to work-related. It is a drive called “intel_ce_linux”, and I first experienced it after my brand-new Net Service Provider technician "installed" and also checked my brand-new Internet modem. How can I eliminate it completely (i.e. not simply hide), please?

I think the man pointed out something favor Bonjour (pardon my French…) while checking the modem, but I am not sure…




After a lot examination, ultimately this worked for me:

Go to OSX/Preferences/Sharing/Toggle "File Sharing" on-and-off in the sidebarGo earlier to Finder and also view what happens

This seems to force a refresh in Finder, removing old stuck Shared computer systems. How they acquire stuck, I don"t understand. In my case it occurred after buying a refurbiburned Mac and delivering admin rights to my brand-new local user account. The stores" old network computer system obtained stuck in my Shared list.

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Some remedies out tbelow involving Finder/Precommendations, only serve to hide the undesirable shared computer from the sidebar, not actually rerelocating it.


Unmuch less you deserve to revolve off the modem"s mutual drive the only way to proccasion that from arriving is to revolve off all "Bonjour computers" from arriving in the sidebar.

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Go to Finder and also open a brand-new window. Go to the finder food selection and also choose "Preferences..." Click the sidebar symbol at the peak of the Finder Precommendations window Un-check "Bonjour Computers" and also close that home window.

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Keep in mind that will certainly remove any kind of mutual device from the sidebar including Windows PCs, various other Macs, NAS gadgets and also the favor that assistance auto exploration via TCP.


I went to Sharing > File Sharing > Options > Unchecked SMB

and this rerelocated the PC from mirroring in my network! Thank you so a lot for this lead!

On macOS Big Sur - late 2020


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