Remove icon labels android

I"m familiar with all the icons on my home display screen. I think it would look much better, at leastern to me, if the text from under those symbols is gone. Is this possible?

I"m willing to root my gadget for this, but not switch to an alternate residence display screen launcher app.

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I am utilizing Moto-G through Kit Kat.



Yes this have the right to be done on the Google launcher itself . But you will need to root your phone. You will certainly not only have the ability to hide the text yet have the ability to tweak also more stuff. But let"s simply stick to hiding the message for now.

Downpack Xposed GEL Settings

It is an xposed module and calls for the xposed frame. If you do not recognize what that is, here"s a video to obtain you began off with the Xposed Framework-related.

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If you still have actually questions, execute ask.



Try this

Once installed, lengthy push on homescreen to include a shortreduced, include a "FolderOrganiser" app shorreduced and it asks you whether you desire to "add text below" symbol.


Found one method around this. I just tested this through GO Launcher that supports renaming apps.If you tap + host the app symbol, then tap "Rename", it allows you to erase the name then conserve it without a name. I uncovered this to be the most basic, lightest means without having actually to downpack additional apps that are overbearing with stuff we really weren"t looking for to deal with our difficulty.

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