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I'd prefer to readjust the name of the conmessage menu. It's referred to as 'Scan xxx' wbelow 'xxx' is the name of the existing file or folder. When I right-click a record or folder and I watch a zillion choices, most of which I don't recognise. I understand it's time to clear out the undesirable regulates however that's not so simple as many type of are generic names that don't intend anypoint without learning the name of the routine. provides 'Scan' yet I would certainly choose to readjust it. How can I do this? Alarge uses ShellEX keys, not Covering, so it's the program that hregarding be adjusted, not the crucial. (BTW, I'm planning to execute this with all my favourite programs that put commands in the conmessage food selection.)
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igor, my compliments!Sometimes the simplicity of your posts leaves me wishing I can connect through your economic situation - you execute much better than I also in my native language.
Thanks Igor. I was hoping that there could be an INI file parameter that was little bit recognized or unpublished. I'll recommend that an INI file parameter be had in the next variation.

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Better I think to clean up your conmessage menu than intend alarge to carry out some clarity among the all the junk you permit to gather.
I know it's time to clear out the unwanted commands however that's not so easy as many are generic names that don't mean anypoint without knowing the name of the regime.
First understand what you are doing on your very own device.Is the asubstantial symbol in the conmessage menu not fairly clear too?I execute not think that I require add anything even more.

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To manage Context Menu, you have the right to use Glary Utilities and also disable the items you don't need/desire to.

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I would certainly wonder if a) the context food selection information isn't stored in a registry crucial somewhere and b) if so would certainly the asubstantial self-defence module prevent its modification.I don't have a zillion conmessage entries (I save them dvery own to a dull roar) however I have actually a couple of and also the one stands out well enough for me. But I don't use that sdeserve to option exceptionally generally or the conmessage menu to get perplexed sufficient to want to adjust anything.Having simply looked at it I might rerelocate the winamp ones or par them dvery own.
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