Remote desktop lock screen disable

I often use the Windows Remote Desktop function to connect and also remotely manage another Windows server. As you can understand, tright here are many type of other better remote regulate software program such as the complimentary Virtual Netoccupational Computing (VNC) or also the renowned Teamviewer, however I attempt to minimize the installations of 3rd party software program on the Server equipments. If you don’t recognize what Remote Deskoptimal is, it’s a protocol developed by Microsoft which enables you to check out the display and manage the computer mouse and also keyboard of one more computer system at different area, as if you were sitting in front of the computer.

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I never have actually any troubles via Remote Deskheight and it works as I intend it to, other than for just one annoyance which is if I leave it idle for a few minutes, it auto logs off and also I need to re-enter the password to login aobtain. This is extremely annoying whenever before I am reading the log records or the console messeras that are presented on screen. Fortunately there is fairly a basic solution for exactly how to disable remote desktop computer auto logoff on idle.
It took a couple of days trying to discover the solution bereason I actually mistaken the trouble in the initially area. I assumed the mechanism was auto logging out as soon as idle but it turns out that it was the screen that was locked. No wonder setting “Never” for idle session limit in RDP Properties didn’t job-related.

By default Windows Server activates the screen saver if the computer has been idle for 10 minutes and also the establishing “On resume, screen logon screen” will likewise be checked. So if Windows detects no task for 10 minutes, the screen saver will be activated and also when we obtain earlier to the Remote Deskoptimal Connection, the display saver is removed and then prompts to login. To solve this trouble, you deserve to either disable the screen saver or remove the logon display screen on resume.

The solution

To disable the auto lock display when idle, the simplest solution which needs just a click is to download this regisattempt fix file, run it on the computer system that is immediately acquiring locked and restart the PC for the changes to take impact. Alternatively, below are the measures if you favor to execute it manually.

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1. Right click Deskoptimal and also choose Personalize

2. Click Display Saver

3. Unexamine “On Resume, display screen logon screen” and also click OK.


Now you deserve to remain idle on the remote desktop connection as long as you want and you won’t be locked out. And obviously this also works on an plain PC if you keep receiving the login display screen whenever before you come out from a screensaver.

If the “On Resume, display screen logon screen” checkbox is disabled or grayed out like what is presented at the screenswarm below, it suggests that tbelow is a group plan being imposed most likely by your company’s netjob-related administrator to proccasion the local logged in user from transforming this establishing.

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Fortunately bypassing the plan is as simple as downpack and running one more regisattempt resolve. We’ve provided 2 various regisattempt fixes wright here you have the right to either delete the plan so that it will certainly be possible for you to manually enable/disable the settings, or you disable the choice while keeping the checkbox grayed out.