Reinstall mozilla thunderbird

I just noticed that my Firefox is in German. Then I noticed that my Thunderbird is in Germale, also.

Obviously, when I did a clean reinstall 2 weeks back, I forgot to click through to the English variation download. But after going through a whole device install, I just don"t have the nerves to uninstall Firefox & Thunderbird, then perform a brand-new Firefox install via adding and tuning 15 addons, then Thunderbird reinstall including addons, setting up accounts and customizing tags. Is there a straightforward method to add an english language fill to my present installation or something?

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Mozilla has a solution for you: See Change Default Mozilla Language.

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A language pack is an extension that transforms the language of the user interface in a Mozilla application (Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonessential, and so on.).

Downloading a language pack

To downfill a language pack:

Go to the directory tbelow for the Mozilla application you desire to change—for example: thunderbirdGo to the releases magazine.Go to the directory for the release you are using—for example: Thunderbird to the magazine for your operating system—for example: win32Go to the xpi magazine there.Install the xpi for the language, or language and also area, that you want. For instance, the French language fill is: fr.xpi

Note: To install a language load in Thunderbird, do not click the attach to the xpi file. Instead, open Thunderbird"s Extensions or Add-ons window, then drag the attach from your web browser and drop it tright here. Alternatively, conserve the xpi file on your computer and also install it in Thunderbird later on.

Assigning a language to a profile

To assign a user-interchallenge language to a profile, collection the preference basic.useragent.locale to the name of the locale that you want to use. The name of the locale is commonly the same as the name of the language pack that you set up (without the .xpi extension).

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For instance, to usage French you deserve to specify the locale as fr or fr-FR.

Note: If you often switch locales, tbelow is a Locale-Switcher extension to make it simpler.

Assigning a language in a command or icon

To asauthorize a user-interchallenge language to an symbol that launches your Mozilla application, look in the icon"s properties to discover the command tright here.

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To assign a user-interchallenge language in a command, include the switch -uilocale complied with by the name of the locale.

For instance, to use French you can specify either: -uilocale fr or -uilocale fr-FR. On a Windows mechanism the entire command also might look something like: