“The night is dark and also full of terrors… but the fire burns them all ameans.”

– Melisandre

How can a character played by such a beautiful womale be so ugly? How have the right to a character so hated be so hot (pun intended)? Answer: Carice van Houten.

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She does such a tremendous project playing Melisandre, that she’s able to able to invoke such strong feelings from so many of the Video Game of Thrones fan base. Some fans desire to be her, the remainder desire to burn her. For those that want to be her, just follow our Melisandre costume overview.




The Red Woguy was born a slave in the city of Asshai, Essos. She’s a shadowbinder and Red Priestess of the Lord of Light. She’s additionally like, uber-hated on social media.

We initially meet Melisandre in the Game of Thrones season 2 opener “The North Remembers”, in which she melted statues of the Salso on the beach of Dragonrock. She supports Stannis Baratheon’s case to the Iron Throne as she believes he is the reincarnation of Azor Ahai, a male prophesized to defeat the Others in the battle versus the Lord of Darkness and also Cold.

It’s all fine and also dandy till we watch the measures she’ll require to accomplish her finish game. She’s willing to sacrifice a life (as lengthy as it’s not hers) at the battach of an eye because it’s all insignificant next to what she thinks is the greater good. Her overlook for some of our favorite players has made her among the most hated and talked around characters considering that seakid 2. If you prefer the attention, this Video Game of Thrones costume is the one for you.

The Costume

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Melisandre Costume: Burgundy Velvet Dress

This burgundy costume resembles a velvet version of Melisandre’s beforehand seaboy dress. Created by Artemisia, it comes via good reputation.


A high quality designed cloak, our second enattempt from Artemesia. No Melisandre costume is finish without her Red Priestess hood.

This all in one version of the Melisandre costume comes via an attachable cape which is smaller than the previous attached cloaks. This is comparable to the smaller sized shawl that The Red Woman sometimes wears. If it’s warmer at your occasion (from all the stake burning no doubt), this might be the means.

An alternate to the Artemisia cloak. This one comes in many kind of different colors, some solid, some through various colored lining. Maybe you’re in search of an extra all purpose cape that enables you to cosplay as other characters. This one provides you alternatives.

A generic dress motivated by Melisandre from Game of Thrones. This is for those looking for a costume on a budgain. Why she’s moving a dagger in the photo is an enigma, yet not a bad get up for $35.

Another all-in-one solution inspired by the Red Woman. While it can be much less faithful to the show’s variation of the outfit, it provides up in convenience and style.

Get It Here

Melisandre Costume: Wigs

Melisandre Wig from Rockstar

This burgundy wig from Rockstar is an excellent match for your Melisandre costume. While doing our research study we discovered that these came recommfinished by many kind of cosplayers for their top quality.

Officially licensed by HBO this replica top quality wig attributes a long, auburn style with a large bun to encertain you are the true Red Woguy.

Get It Here

Melisandre Costume: Accessories

Melisandre Costume: Necklace

Tbelow are many kind of fan theories when it comes to the necklace.

Is she powermuch less without it? Does it hide her true form? We really don’t know as it hasn’t been revealed, so we won’t go also much via it.

One thing’s for certain, save for one scene in “Mockingbird” (seachild 4, episode 7, bath scene with Selyse), she’s never before checked out without it.

A remnant of Housage Targaryen (Dragonrock was given to Stannis after Robert’s rebellion).

This glass is motivated by the chalice that Maester Cressen and also Melisandre drink from in the Chamber of the Painted Table.

(“The North Remembers” season 2, episode 1) Grab a drink and toast to R’hllor, your necklace will certainly conserve you.

The Red Woman loves burning points. Statues, world, doesn’t issue.

Make your Melisandre finish via this toy torch. If anybody gets out of line, get some rope and also a stake.

Well possibly that’s taking it also much, yet the night is dark and full of terrors, so possibly a torch would certainly be a good principle.

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* Necklace update *

In Game of Thrones, seaboy 6, episode 1, “The Red Woman” takes off her necklace to reveal Melisandre’s true create, and it’s not the beautiful priestess we’re offered to seeing, however a womale of several hundred years of age. Whether it does hide her true form, or she was just disillusioned through the Lord of the Light, it proves to be an essential piece to the Melisandre story and costume.

Hopecompletely we were able to help you uncover your following Melisandre costume.If you delighted in this guide, please share it through your friends!
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