Recover windows to first partition only


What is ASUS system recoexceptionally partition?

ASUS mechanism recoextremely partition (additionally called ASUS device recoexceptionally disk or disc, ASUS recoincredibly drive ) is a covert partition which contain a recoexceptionally picture, usually of factory defaults, which could be offered to restore your computer to its original condition.

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Besides partition, device picture file could likewise be saved in DVD, CD, USB, and so on. Therefore, you might likewise develop ASUS system recoexceptionally CD/DVD/USB and also so on.

How to accessibility ASUS mechanism recoextremely partition and regain computer?

In basic, there are 3 means to access the device recovery partition. The first one is to exploit ASUS recovery crucial in Windows 10. the second one is to usage installation disc. The last one is to use default recollection alternative.

However before, some individuals report that ASUS mechanism recoexceptionally partition F9 does not work-related. For these individuals, you’d better usage the installation disc or default reset option.

Method 1: Access recoextremely partition with F9

1. Power on your computer, press F9 vital automatically as soon as Asus logo design shows up, .

2. Select “Windows Setup”, language and also click Next.

3. Click Next off once the ASUS Prefill Wizard screen shows up. Then, choose “Recover Windows to first partition only”, “Recover Windows to whole HD”, or “Recover Windows to entire HD via 2 partitions” and click Next.


✎Note: the first alternative will only delete the first partition and it does impact the remainder of partitions. The various other choices will certainly delete all the partitions and also the distinction is that the last option will certainly produce 2 partitions, C: and D: drive.

4. Then, follow the measures in the wizard.

Method 2: Access recovery partition through installation disc

1. Insert your installation disc in the disk tray and also restart your computer, then push ESC during booting, pick CD/DVD and hit Get in.

2. Click OK twice to begin the restoration and follow the on-screen instructions.

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Method 3: Rekeep ASUS laptop through default reset option

1. Click Start > Settings >Update & Security> Recoextremely > Get started, then choose Rekeep factory settings in the Choose an option window.


2. Decide to wipe the drive wright here Windows is installed or all the drives and click Next off.


3. Decide to simply rerelocate my files or rerelocate records and clean the drive, then click Next.


4. Click Reset when you watch the “Ready to recollection this PC” window. After that, you simply have to wait till the procedure is finimelted.

Besides the over methods, you still can take into consideration using a trust and reliable third-party system recovery software, such as, AOMEI OneKey Recoexceptionally. It can help you make a bootable recovery partition and restore your ASUS laptop to manufacturing facility settings, particularly when your computer is unbootable. Besides, compared through branded recoextremely software program, it has even more functions, such as, backup device to various other location, reclaim OS from various other area, UI and also logo customization. More so, it might be provided on all the branded computer system, such as, ASUS, Lenovo, HP, and so on.


☞ Downpack AOMEI OneKey Recoextremely, install it.

☞ Make a recovery partition through AOMEI OneKey Recovery, bereason a image backup is the premise to gain back ASUS to factory default settings. If you produce a recovery partition to brand-new difficult drive, you have to tick “Backup system to other location”.

Now, store analysis below to learn the detailed procedures.

Tip 1. Launch AOMEI OneKey Recoextremely software application and also click OneKey System Recovery.


Step 2. Tick the initially option: Restore device by using the image file in AOMEI OneKey Recoexceptionally partition and also click Next off.


Tip 3. Confirm that you want to regain your computer to manufacturing facility settings and also click Start Restore. Then, wait until the process finishes and restart your computer.

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Tip: AOMEI Technology recently launches a new function, which can accomplish the exact same impact as AOMEI OneKey Recovery, it's "Recoincredibly Environment" function in AOMEI Backupper. It allows you to factory recollection ASUS lappeak without booting Windows, and you have more choices, you have the right to pick to gain back mechanism photo to brand-new difficult drive or the entire disk picture. Also, you deserve to pick to regain particular records or partitions.


Wrapping things up

In this instance, you’d much better usage installation disc, default recollection choice or an different software application favor AOMEI OneKey Recoextremely software application. The last one is much easier and also suitable for all customers, both beginner and also technician, because it provides different customers through different versions, such as, Professional, Technician, Customization.