Recover deleted text messages htc

“I purchased HTC U11 for service last month. It has actually been working so well. But it’s the first time I try to usage an Android smart phone. I would prefer to how to recover deleted text messperiods from HTC U11 without backup. The messeras were accidentally deleted once I rerelocate spam messeras last night. Thanks in advance!” Asked by John

It’s really easy to obtain back deleted text messeras from HTC phone. You simply have to usage Android Data Recoexceptionally program. It have the right to sdeserve to your HTC U11 and various other HTC phones and SD card deeply to discover the deleted messeras on it. You have the right to pevaluation them and then recuperate any of them from your HTC phone to computer system. Besides messperiods, you can also recoup deleted or lost photos, videos, contacts, speak to logs, Whatsapplication messages/imperiods, music, books and various other record records from your HTC phone.

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Two points you have to understand around the SMS Recoincredibly. 1. The deleted text messages are still conserved in your HTC phone but you can’t uncover and also watch them without this skilled data recoextremely. 2. To stop being overcreated by new data, you’d much better speak making use of your HTC phone after losing data until you find them.

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Step 1. Run Android Documents Recovery

Free download, install and also run Android File Recoextremely regimen on your computer. You will certainly watch the adhering to interface


Step 2. Enable USB Debugging Mode

To totally affix your HTC U11 phone, you must permit USB debugging mode on it. If you don’t recognize how to execute that, you deserve to follow the guide on the interconfront. Find the best overview for your phone’s Android OS version on the interconfront and also follow all the measures. You have the right to easily turn on the USB debugging mode on your HTC phone.


Tip 3. Select “Messages” to Scan

You need to pick the data species you desire to scan on your HTC phone. All the recoverable data varieties are noted on the interface. Just select the “Messages” on it. You have the right to additionally choose other data types you want to recover along with text messages from your phone.

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Step 4. Scan HTC Phone to Find Deleted Text Messages

Before this routine deserve to shave the right to your HTC phone and SD card, you have to permit the repursuit of SuperUser Authorization repursuit from this routine. You will certainly view the research on your phone. Please click “Allow/Grant/Authorization” switch on the display of your HTC phone. After that, this regimen will certainly have actually the permission to scan and also discover the deleted message messages on your phone.


After scanning, you will certainly discover all the deleted message messeras and also various other data provided on the interchallenge through a file food selection on the left side. You can use it to uncover the deleted messperiods and pevaluation them.

Step 5. Recover Deleted Text Messages from HTC Phone

Go to “Messages” section on the information food selection, you will certainly check out all the messages on your HTC phone. The deleted text messages are in red and also you can discover them conveniently. You have the right to choose the any kind of message to pevaluation the details before reextending. After choosing all the text messperiods you want to gain ago from your HTC phone, click “Recover” switch. This HTC SMS Recovery will certainly retrieve all the selected message messages from HTC phone to computer system as soon as feasible.

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Android Documents Recovery is the ideal assistant to recoup deleted message messages and various other data from HTC phone without backup. Although you deserve to usage this regimen to recoup deleted HTC messages, you should backup your HTC phone consistently. Want to have a try? Just complimentary downpack this HTC SMS Recovery.