Rca tablet frozen on rca screen

Whether your device has actually been reflecting a static display for hrs or you simply want to collection it to default settings to make it as excellent as brand-new, the most basic solution is a reset. Unmuch less your device has actually gone with major physical damperiods, you don’t have to take it to a shop for repair.

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A lot of minor concerns deserve to be solved through a straightforward reset. Many world don’t know this and therefore, don’t also try. You have the right to follow these few basic steps and learn exactly how to reset your RCA tablet at home.

Firstly, all glitches don’t require a recollection. If the display screen is not responding or the tab froze all of a sudden, what you should recognize is just how to reboot an RCA tablet in such a case. Unfavor a lot of other tablets, RCA tablets come via a reset button at the back. The button is deep-set, so you might require a pin or paper clip to press it. Just long-push the reset button and also your gadget will certainly rebegin.

However, if you are encountering any kind of of the following concerns favor,

Slow performance or apps obtaining hung,Forgained your password,Or other glitches that are not resolved via a reboot,

Then you must recognize how to factory recollection RCA tablet, which is specifically what we have for you right here.


Recollection Process (Device On)

If you are not dealing with any type of technological concerns and your tablet is functioning, you can factory reset it from Setups. This technique deserve to be provided if you just want to erase your personal data or regain your device to default settings.

Step 1

Unlock your tool and open up Setups.

Tip 2

Scroll dvery own and also you will find an choice that states ‘backup and reset’. Tap on that and you will check out a confirmation page that will tell you what happens when you confirm. It is recommfinished that you read this if you are uncertain of what a factory reset will execute to your tool.

Alternatively, if you cannot find the ‘backup and also reset’ alternative directly in Settings, it might be in a separate section. Go to Settings and also then tap on Privacy. Here you will certainly uncover the ‘backup and reset’ or ‘factory reset’ option.

Tip 3

You will certainly see a button that states ‘reset tablet’ or ‘factory information reset’. Select that and let your tool finish the process.

Step 4

The reset is not completed until you restart the tool. Some devices rebegin on their own, but if yours does not, you will have to rebegin it manually and also your factory reset will be complete.

Recollection Process (Device Off)

Use this strategy if you cannot unlock or turn on the tablet. For instance, if you forgained your password. The steps for factory reset are comparable yet differ slightly for Android and Windows tools. We have actually spanned both for your convenience.


The the majority of widespread RCA tab that runs on Windows is the Cambio 10.1. Many Windows tablets come via a key-board. So, here is how to manufacturing facility reset RCA tablet with keyboard, which deserve to additionally be offered to reset any RCA Windows tab.

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Step 1

Completely switch off the device (if it isn’t off already).

Step 2

Turn it on aget and also while it is loading, push and host the “fn” (function) switch and also repeatedly press F9 on your keyboard. Keep pushing until you watch ‘Please wait’ appear on the screen. Release the attribute button once it shows up.

Step 3

Wait a few secs and also choose the ‘Troubleshoot’ option. Then choose ‘Reset your PC’.

Tip 4

Next, you have the right to either pick to just ‘rerelocate files’ or ‘clean the drive’ completely (this will certainly erase all your data and also reset your tab to its default settings). Make your selection and you will certainly see the RCA logo design appear as well as the ‘loading’ animation.

Leave your tool aside and also let it proceed on its very own.

Depfinishing on your mechanism establishing, amount of data, and so on this procedure may take almost everywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. The tool may revolve on and off on its own throughout this, so do not manually press any type of butlots. Once the procedure is finish, your tablet will certainly rebegin with its original factory settings.

For Windows taballows, if any kind of software program or applications execute not seem to work correctly after recollection, run the Windows update. This have to deal with the trouble.


Tip 3

You will certainly check out a command also prompt screen with blue and also yellow/oarray message via the Android logo. Use the Volume Up and Down buttons to navigate and also move to ‘wipe data/ manufacturing facility reset’. Use the Power button to select the choice.

Tip 4

You will watch a confirmation web page. Navigate the same method and also choose ‘yes – delete all user data’. Select the Power button.

Tip 5

Once the data is erased, you will certainly be redirected to the command prompt display screen. Next off, select ‘reboot device now’, and also let your gadget carry out the remainder. How lengthy it will take for the information to be erased relies on the amount you have stored.

Your tool will certainly rebegin and ask you to choose your language, just like once you first turn on a brand-new device.

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You deserve to use this approach for both RCA Viking Pro and also to factory reset your RCA voyager tablet.