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Payta from CalexicoI heard that 4AD remained in financial trouble and also once Ivo watts Rusoffer release this song, it basically conserve 4ADVERTISEMENT from bankrupcy. Any thougths?Bob from Lawrence, KsEnglish music publication NME (New Musical Express) published a list of almost all the samples (a couple eluded them if I recontact correctly - it"s been over 20 years) back in "87. If someone can track down that concern and also article that list...Eugene from Minneapolis, MnThe UK original single mix IS a lot better than the altered US single mix. Yes, I like both, yet at the very same time the UK mix sounded a lot even more underground with the James Brvery own and the Stock Aikten & Waterguy samples. These days ya can"t discover original mix everywhere. All of the ones that I have discovered omit the SAW "Roadblock" sample. I guess that SAW lawsuit got that ugly....Mjn Seifer from Not Listed For Personal Reaboy, EnglandWell, I controlled to check out most of them, (many thanks to YouTube), and I some I picked out the samples as soon as I heard them (e.g. "More Peas", "I Know You Got Soul" and so on..) various other took some researching (e.g "Holy Ghost") Others I"m still researching to discover the sample (e.g. "Din Da Da") however I apreciate the list and also I will continue rebrowsing.I additionally realized by listening to them I GOT THE LYRICS TO THE SONG WRONG!! I shall correct this when I have the right to. Be patient though males.Mjn Seifer from Not Listed For Personal Reachild, EnglandThank you for listing them. I"ll attempt and also listen to thoes songs as soon as I acquire opportunity.Bender from East West Virginia, VaThe complying with are choose samples just. Unconfirmed samples (including Ofra Haza"s "Im Nin"Alu") have not been contained. Due to the song"s legal background, samples offered in the UK and also US versions differ.

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<1>The Bar-Kays "Holy Ghost" from Holy Gorganize, 1978 (12") Criminal Element Orchestra "Placed The Needle To The Record" from Put The Needle To The Record, 1987 (12") Eric B. & Rakim "I Kcurrently You Got Soul (Acappella)" from I Know You Got Soul, 1987 (12") George Kranz "Din Daa Daa (Trommeltanz)" from Din Daa Daa, 1983 (12")--US 12" remix Graham Central Station "The Jam" from Ain"t No "Bout-A-Doubt It, 1975 (LP) Fred Wesley & The JB"s "More Peas" from Doing It To Death, 1973 (LP) Jimmy Castor Bunch "It"s Just Begun" from It"s Just Begun, 1972 (LP) Kool And The Gang "Jungle Jazz" from Spirit Of The Boogie, 1975 (LP) The Last Poets "Average Machine (Chant)" from This Is Madness, 1971 (LP)--UK remixes Prescertain Drop "Rock the Housage (You"ll Never before Be)" from Rock the Housage (You"ll Never before Be), 1983 (12") Public Enemy "You"re Gonna Get Yours (My 98 Oldsmobile)" from Yo! Bum Rush The Show, 1987 (LP) Run-DMC "Here We Go (Live at Funhouse)" from Here We Go, 1983 (12") Review to The Soul Children"s "I Don"t Know What This World Is Coming To" from Wattstax: The Living Word, 1972 (LP) Stock, Aitken & Watermale "Roadblock (7" Version)" from Roadblock, 1986 (12")--UK versions Tom Browne "Funkin" For Jamaica (N.Y.)" from Love Approach, 1980 (LP) Trouble Funk "Drop The Bomb" from Drop The Bomb, 1982 (LP) Lovebug Starski & The Harlem World Crew "Optimistic Life" from Confident Life, 1981 (12")--UK remixes Diana from Los Angeles, Calikewise supplied Israeli singer Ofra Haza"s "Im Nin"Alu". Mjn Seifer from Not Listed For Personal Reaboy, EnglandI would certainly be greatful if someone could suply a list of all "samples". Thank youwatch more comments
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