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PS4 turning on by itself trouble initially confirmed in 2014 after some software updays. It is still an worry for some people, and also there are multiple factors why it happens. The PS4 transforms on and ejects the disc, and in some instances, it turns on and also goes right into safe mode or rest mode, and also periodically, the PS4 starts controlling itself also if the DS4 controller is off. If your console has a similar difficulty, don’t issue, many of the time it have the right to be solved without opening the consingle.


Why the PS4 Turns on b y Itself?

As pointed out in the into, tright here are multiple factors why it deserve to take place. It deserve to be a software bug, and also occasionally the rubber foot under the eject switch starts changing the attributes. It have the right to also take place if the automatic updays are on in the settings and also you leave the PS4 in remainder mode.


How to Fix the Problem

Sometimes doing somepoint as simple as checking and installing the latest update can fix the issue. Rebuilding the database is additionally a renowned solution, yet it may take hours if you have too much information. We have actually discussed all the options listed below. Keep in mind that you may have to attempt multiple remedies to settle the issue. 

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1.Turn off Auto Updates

If the auto-updates are permitted, the PS4 might turn on in the time of night to download and also install the updates. To disable auto-updays follow the steps:

Tip 1:  On the residence display screen, select the  Settings  symbol.

Step 2:  Scroll down to the bottom and also choose  System .

Tip 3:  Choose  Automatic Downtons .

Step 4:  Uninspect the box next to  System Software Update Files .

This will certainly stop your PS4 from downloading and install system software application updates; tright here is no must unexamine Application Update Files because they just upday once the PS4 is on. 


2.Check for PS4 Firmware Updays

Before you check for updays, make sure you are linked to the internet. You can check your internet connection status from  Setups  >  Network  Test Internet Connection . To check for firmware updates, follow the steps: 

Step 1:  On the home display screen, select the  Settings  icon.

Tip 2:  Now choose  System Software Update  utilizing the X button.

Tip 3:  It will certainly display you an available update. If the latest version is currently set up, you will certainly view a message. 

3.Redevelop Database

Restructure the PS4 database is just one of the best methods to resolve practically all forms of minor device glitches. It does not delete your conserved information, but rebuilding the database deserve to take a couple of minutes to hours, depending on exactly how a lot information is stored in the drive. 

Before you redevelop the database by going right into safe mode, make certain your PS4 is totally off. 


Step 1:   Select  Power  from the feature screen, and also then pick Turn Off PS4.

Tip 2:  Press and  host the power button  of the PS4 until you hear the second beep (This will put your PS4 in safe mode).

Step 3:  Now  connect your DS4 controller  to the PS4 with a USB cable.

Tip 4:  Press the PlayStation switch on your controller and select  “Reconstruct Database”  utilizing the X switch. 

Tip 5:  Once the process is done, the PS4 will automatically revolve on.

This need to settle the PS4 instantly turning on concern. Keep in mind that restructure information have the right to rerelocate some of your purchased games. If it happens to you, you can restore them from Settings > Account Management > Rekeep Licenses > Restore switch.


4.Power Cycle and also Reset the PS4 

Tip 1: When the PS4 is off, unplug the power cable from the earlier of the unit and the primary power outlet.

Tip 2: Press the power button on the PS4 2-3 times to ensure no charge is left. 

Tip 3: Reaffix the power cable after 5 minutes. 

Tip 4: Hold the PS4’s power switch till you hear the second beep. 

Tip 5: Connect the DS4 controller to the PS4 via a USB cable.

Step 6: Use the X switch to pick “Initialize PS4.”

Note:  Selecting “Initialize PS4” will wipe all of your stored data, we recommend you to  back up your PS4 Saves  prior to you perform this. If you want to perform this without shedding your data, you deserve to pick “Rebegin PS4” instead of “Initialize PS4”. 


What to Do if Nopoint Works?

If the approaches discussed above did not work-related for you, the concern can still be resolved. As discussed in founding there are multiple factors that have the right to cause this type of problem. Below are some more reasons why this have the right to occur and also just how you can resolve it. 

Properly turn off the PS4

Almethods appropriately revolve off your PS4 and also prevent leaving it in the remainder mode. In remainder mode, a glitch have the right to make the PS4 rotate on also if you don’t press any type of button. It’s not just PS4 we have actually seen that as soon as we leave Windows computer systems in sleep mode and also they rotate on instantly even once there is no wake timer. 

Remove the Rubber Foot 

Tbelow is a rubber foot under the eject switch of the PS4; you should check if it’s interfering with the switch. Sometimes the rubber foot absorbs heat, which reasons it to expand also and it starts hitting the eject button, rerelocating or cutting dvery own the rubber foot have to settle the issue. 

Check Butloads

Check the butloads of your controller and also the PS4, we have never before watched a scenario wbelow the controller’s or console’s switch trigger this problem, yet tbelow is a opportunity. If any type of switch is constantly pressed for some factor, it may reason your PS4 to revolve on, also check if any type of gooey dirt is stuck around any type of of the butlots. 

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