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After altering the display screen on an iPhone 5c the proximity sensor does not occupational. After noticing it did not job-related I took the phone back apart and also repositioned the front electronic camera and proximity sensor. After a difficult recollection it still does not occupational. The front video camera flex cable has no tears so I assume the trouble lies on either the display screen not enabling enough light or ... That"s why I short article this question on this forum. Is tright here any straightforward troubleshoot choose prior to on the iPhone 4/4s? Is there anypoint I"m lacking that is simply over looked? I examined the original apple screen around the proximity sensor and also it matched my replacement display. I am sindicate asking for any kind of tricks or tips from others that have encountered this difficulty..

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Thanks in advance

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Whats the proximity sensor?

the unit beside the camera that detects as soon as you put your confront as much as the device once making or receiving calls, it transforms the screen on and off as soon as it detects or does not detect your face

Hi males, i"ve have actually simply found this site explaining some kind of solution to the proximity sensor issue on iphone 5c/5s. Am going to try this this afternoon i will certainly let you understand if it works.

Hi Luis, did this work?

Wes, it works!

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Ed Varga

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The issue of the proximity sensor not functioning appropriately via a new 5S or 5C display is the single best headache for me at my shop best currently. This issue initially cropped up for me in August. Prior to that I had no worries with the proximity sensor not working through replacement displays on the 5S and also 5C. And yes, I"m positive that there were not issues before that bereason it is just one of the functions I inspect prior to and also after every single repair. I was utilizing Apple N" Berry as a supplier for 5S and also 5C displays so I switched to Wholesale Gadobtain Parts. Originally, this was efficient and also the problem went away, but it has since resurchallenged. Here"s what my many tests have actually concluded:

I only watch the trouble on babsence 5S and 5C displays, not on white 5S displays.

Sometimes a pre-mounted frame or host (as it"s referred to as on the eTech Parts site) is the difficulty because it"s position is off or bereason it"s slightly too tiny. If it"s as well tiny and also the proximity sensor isn"t sitting incredibly close or making contact through the screen, that have the right to cause it not to work-related. Sometimes you can remove the framework various other times you can"t because there"s too much glue under it. You additionally have to be cautious when you remove it because it"s easy to scratch the babsence paint off.

The proximity sensor will certainly work-related through out it"s frame or "hold" in an original Apple display screen and in some replacement screens. Regardmuch less, I constantly use one UNLESS there was one on the replacement display screen that I remove and also tbelow also a lot glue from the frame I rerelocated. So, I have actually go without the frame in an initiative to make certain that the proximity sensor sits touching the screen. In cases like this, as lengthy as the filter in front of the proximity sensor is resulting in the difficulty, not having the structure does not reason the proximity sensor to not work.

The rubber structure for the light sensor being in place effectively, does not resolve the proximity sensor concern.

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The little white square light filter that sits under the light sensor should most likely be moved from the original screen to the replacement display. I always relocate it so I can discount it as a possible concern with affecting the proximity sensor. Does it really matter? I think it most likely doesn"t from my tests.

I"ve tried coloring the purple filter for the proximity sensor via a sharpie. I"ve tried scratching a tiny pin hole hole off. I"ve tried scratching all the purple off. I"ve tried coloring with sharpie after scratching a pin hole hole or scratching all the purple off. Namong these functioned for me.

Very often as soon as you test, if you leave the momentary screen protector that came via the new part in location, the proximity sensor will occupational fine. If you cover it with your finger without the screen protector in place, it will occupational fine yet once you put the phone up to your ear with out the display screen protector in location it does not occupational or it does not work-related 100% of the time. This renders me think as well much light is getting in to the sensor and bring about it to not work-related properly. This then leads me to try coloring in the purple filter on the display which as I sassist above, has yet to work for me.

The just point that functions for me is to pre-test every single display through an original proximity sensor component and also send ago any kind of display screens that do not job-related before I acquire to trying to usage it for a repair. This is horribly time consuming and I just can"t constantly carry out it.

Both of my these companies have actually basically told me I"m the just perboy in the world that has this difficulty. I"ve complained even more than once to each of them and also they have told me that no one else has reported the issue. People either aren"t testing, aren"t complaining, are living with it, or the service providers are lying. This is really frustrating.

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I don"t think the suppliers are going to correct this worry so it"s as much as us to uncover a job-related around that functions 100% of the time. I hope one of us finds one shortly.