Protected view has stopped working

Users have complained about Protected View errors that arise once opening MS Word and Excel papers (typically attached to Outlook emails).This troubleshooting overview includes potential fixes for Protected View errors.

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 has actually stopped working or The file couldn’t open up in Protected View error messperiods could pop up.

Here is what one user had to say about this specific issue on the Microsoft Answers forums:
Recently it appears I can not open up any Excel or Word papers in Protected View. This was not a problem formerly, however seems every one of a sudden all documents get hung up trying to open in Protected View; and I have to pressure quit the regimen.

This error typically arises for Excel and also Word documents that were attached to Outlook emails.

The issue can be as a result of antiquated DisplayLink adapter drivers. If you must deal with that worry, inspect out these potential reoptions for it.



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3. Disable Protected View settings

Open your MS Word or Excel application.Next, select the File tab.Select Trust on the left side of the home window.Click the Trust Center Settings switch.Then dechoose all the selected Enable Protected View checkboxes.Press the OK button to leave the window.

4. Disable hardware graphics acceleration

To disable hardware graphics acceleration, open up Excel or Word.Click the File tab.Then click Options on the File tab to open that window.Select the checkbox for the Disable hardware graphics acceleration alternative.Press the OK switch to departure the home window.

5. Unblock the Excel or Word document

Click the Documents Explorer switch on Windows 10’s taskbar.Open the folder that includes MS Word or Excel papers the file couldn’t open up in Protected View error arises for.Select the Unblock option.Press the Apply switch.Click OK to departure.

Those are some of the reservices users have actually fixed Excel and Word Protected View errors with.

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Disabling protected check out will certainly more than likely resolve the issue for most users, yet you can try the other fixes if you must store defended watch allowed.