Properties window

The Properties home window is supplied to evaluation and also collection properties for job objects. For instance, you have the right to set the background shade for an iFIX picture in the Properties window, or you deserve to adjust the name of a rectangle within that

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Properties Window

To view the Properties window:

In Ribbon check out, on the View tab, in the Window group, click Property Window.

- Or -

In Classic view, on the View Menu, pick the Property Window command also.

- Or -

Press .

The Properties home window screens the properties for the existing object. When you choose different objects in your VBA project, the Properties window chanjiyuushikan.orgs to display simply the properties of the object you selected. You deserve to choose the present object to occupational through in the Properties home window by:

Selecting the object from the drop-down list at the height of the Properties home window. Selecting the object from the Project Explorer and also then returning to the Properties window. Selecting the object (or control) within a type and also then returning to the Properties window.

The Properties window consists of 2 panes: the names of the current object"s properties show up in the left pane; the values for these properties show up in the appropriate pane. To a residential or commercial property, pick the property in the left pane and click and also modify the value in the best pane. Some properties have a preidentified list of valid worths, which permits you to choose from a drop-dvery own list. Other properties need a worth of Yes or No. In this situation, you deserve to sindicate double-click the Value column to toggle the value between Yes and No.

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To learn more around the Property Window, describe the Assistance topics within the sections Visual Basic User Assistance and Visual Basic How-To Topics of the Visual Basic for Applications Help file, or search for the Index keyword "windows".

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