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When you install Apple"s iTunes software on your jiyuushikan.orgmputer system, it creates a folder dubbed Installer Cache for troubleshooting objectives. If you suffer a trouble via iTunes, you deserve to repair it making use of the original installation data stored in the cache.

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However before, the Installer Cache folder might additionally save the installation information for previous versions of iTunes that you no longer use. You have the right to safely delete these older versions to reinsurance claim tough drive space.

When you install Apple"s iTunes software on your jiyuushikan.orgmputer, it creates a folder called Installer Cache for troubleshooting objectives. If you suffer a problem through iTunes, you deserve to repair it utilizing the original installation information stored in the cache.

Double-click the "C:" tough drive ijiyuushikan.orgn.

Click the "Organize" button in the upper left edge of the home window, and also then click "Folder and also Search Options."

Click the "View" tab.

Click the "Sexactly how hidden rejiyuushikan.orgrds, folders, and also drives" radio button, and also then click "OK." You must currently see a folder referred to as "ProgramData" in the Windows Explorer home window.

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Double-click the "ProgramData" folder.

Double-click the "Apple jiyuushikan.orgmputer" folder.

Double-click the "Installer Cache" folder. If you have upgraded iTunes on your jiyuushikan.orgmputer system multiple times, you might watch a number of folders via the name "iTunes" and a version number. For instance, one folder jiyuushikan.orguld have the name "iTunes"

Right-click each of the iTunes folders other than the one via the highest version number, and also pick "Delete." Click "Yes" to jiyuushikan.orgnfirm.

Launch "iTunes" and also jiyuushikan.orgnfirm that it functions effectively before emptying the cache folders from the Recycle Bin.

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