Program compatibility wizard

Pre-Windows Vista Programs Can Run in Microsoft Windows Vista in Compatibility Mode.

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Microsoft Windows Vista contains a Program Compatibility Wizard which simulates previously versions of Windows (i.e., Windows XP, 98, ME, NT, 2000,95). While some programs created for XP might occupational well in Vista, some older programs could run poorly or not at all.

NOTICE: Using the Program Compatibility Wizard on antivirus programs, motorists, disk utilities, or other device programs might cause data loss or create a defense hazard.

Run a Program in Compatibility Mode in Microsoft Windows Vista

Click Start and then Control Panel. The Control Panel window appears.

Click Control Panel Home in the left pane, and then click Programs in the ideal pane. The Programs regulate panel appears.

Click Use an older regimen via this version of Windows. The Program Compatibility wizard shows up.

Click Next, and also then click to choose I desire to choose from a list of programs.

Click Next.A list of programs appears.

Click to select the regimen to run in compatibility mode, and click Next.A list of previous versions of Microsoft Windows shows up.

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Click to select the operating device that is recommfinished for the routine, or that previously ran the regimen without difficulties.

Click Next. The Display Settings display shows up.

Click the checkboxes to select the display settings for the regime, and click Next. The Administrative Privileges display appears.

Click to select the Run this regime as an administrator checkbox, if necessary, and click Next.

Even if you are logged into Windows Vista as an administrator, you should still examine this box if the regimen requires governmental privileges.

Click Next.The regimen runs, and the Program Compatibility Verification display screen shows up.

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Click to choose the response that coincides to the program"s performance.

If the program ran without any type of noticeable troubles, click Yes, set this routine to always use these compatibility settings. If the regimen still encountered problems, click No, attempt various compatibility settings and also choose a various operating system to test compatibility.

To cancel the Program Compatibility Wizard without conserving any compatibility settings, click the Cancel switch.