PrimoMusic makes it super basic to regulate your music, movies and also all media content on your iPhone, iPad and also iPod. Copying music to/from any type of Apple gadget made easy, rapid, also without the bvarious other of iTunes.

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For Mac OS 10.8 or above


A Life Saver for Saving Your iPhone iPod Music

Just recovered from a system faiattract, or switched to a brand-new computer, and would prefer to reconstruct your music collection? PrimoMusic allows you rescue your music, movies, podcasts and a lot even more, in a way simple and also functional by instantly migrating from iPhone, iPad, or your iPod to your computer.

Connect an Apple gadget to your computer system, begin PrimoMusic, find and also choose the content you"d prefer to export by song, by playlist or by album, provide an additional tap and also you"ll be set cost-free to recoexceptionally your lost content, appropriate from your iPhone, iPad and also iPod.

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Put Music on Your iPhone iPod without iTunes

Have your favorite songs conserved on multiple computer systems, however your iPod, or iPhone, have the right to only be synced through one of them? PrimoMusic helps to carry your music, movies, TV mirrors, podcasts, iTunes U, audiopublications, and also more, ideal onto your Apple devices, without the bvarious other of iTunes. This method, you won"t issue about your original media content on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, obtain overcomposed. Find Out More

Redownfill iTunes Purchases to Any Computer

We believe you have invested many money and also time on iTunes Store, App Store or iPublication Store, yet you"ll still worry around your purchased items acquire shed. PrimoMusic will certainly help you backup them onto any computer without the tedious iTunes authorization.

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Reconstruct iTunes Library

iTunes is the ideal way to organize and enjoy your podcasts, movies, and TV reflects, especially your music via personalized playlists, ratings and play counts. In situation any unmeant "disaster" happens to your iTunes library, PrimoMusic brings two basic and also effective services to help you rebuild it up.


Smart Transfer

Built with an intelligent personality inside, PrimoMusic understands what content already exist on your iTunes libary. It will filter out all duplicates and also only gain the unique items on your device ready for transport. So, all you have to execute is to make one finger tap to begin carry.

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Manual Transfer

Want to make further sortation for the files you"d like to transfer? Go usage Manual Transfer choice. It permits you manually picking up music, movies or other media items, and also then selectively including them to your iTunes library, conserving you the trouble of duplicates or unwanted tracks in your library.Free Download Now

Manage Your iPhone Music Like a Pro

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