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So I"m having actually difficulties virtualizing my preinstalled OS (yes it came currently set up in this laptop), and also I"m reasoning of offering up: simply starting the virtual machine from scrape, installing Windows8 from a CD from a friend.

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If I were to do this, exactly how deserve to I grab license from my pre-installed OS and use it to activate a online machine? (If I didn"t attempt to do this, I would certainly be using the license of my frifinish, which would not be legal/feasible I guess.)



If by pre-mounted you mean that Windows came pre-installed once you bought the computer system, as is generally the case with laptop computers, then the variation Windows is of the OEM variety. It is not legally allowed to transfer an OEM installation of Windows to a various computer.

Due to the fact that you"ve got a lappeak which came through Windows pre-mounted and also you evidently want to run another OS on your lapheight, the wise point for you to perform is to leave Windows wright here it is, and also then install the second OS alongside your original Windows OS in a double boot setup.

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