Powerpoint won t save

PowerPoint is still a pretty renowned presentation software application despite the thriving competition supplying alternate nifty tools and also features to create much better, even more engaging presentations compared to their PowerPoint countercomponents.

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Well, if you like to stick to PowerPoint but you’re having trouble saving your presentations, we’ve got a couple of potential remedies ready for you.

How to Fix PowerPoint Error Saving File

Make sure the file you’re trying to save is not a read-only file. You can’t modify and also save read-only files.

1. Create a new presentation

As a quick workapproximately, you deserve to open a brand-new presentation file, copy all the slides from the presentation that won’t save and also then paste the slides in the new presentation.

Save the new file on your desktop computer making use of the Save as choice, don’t usage the keyboard shortreduced. Try saving it as a PPT if you can’t save it as a PPTX file.

2. Sign out making use of the PowerPoint button

Signing out of PowerPoint using the account options within the app can resolve this worry.

Go to File → click on Account → click the Sign out switch. Then authorize earlier in and also inspect if that assisted.

3. Repair PowerPoint

If the initially workarounds did not work, try repairing PowerPoint.

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Go to Control Panel and navigate to ProgramsPrograms and FeaturesSelect Office 355/ Microsoft 365 and also click ChangeYou’ll be triggered to allow the application to make alters to your gadget, select YesSelect Quick Repair and wait until the troubleshooter has actually addressed your issues
If the Quick Repair did not job-related, usage the Online Repair option and also inspect if you can currently save your presentation.

4. Check for corrupted slides/diagrams/images

If you can’t save the file, inspect if there’s a problematic slide that’s breaking the save attribute. It’s not uncommon for particular types of diagrams or imperiods to reason this problem.

If there’s a slide or a team of slides that would not copy-paste, delete the diagrams and imeras from those slides and also conserve the file. Removing the problematic objects must perform the trick.

5. Disable Preview Pane in Data Explorer

If Pevaluation Pane is permitted in Documents Explorer, the function counts as an additional user having actually the file open up before you. As a result, the system areas the file in Read-Only mode.

To bypass this glitch, open File Explorer, click View and also depick the Pevaluation Pane alternative.


6. Reinstall PowerPoint

Reinstalling a fresh copy of PowerPoint can acquire you out of trouble.

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Open the Control Panel → pick Uninstall a ProgramSelect Microsoft Office → click Uninstall and also follow the instructions to uninstall Office

How to Avoid Save Errors in PowerPoint

Here are some pieces of advice to aid you stop similar difficulties in the future:

Keep Office up-to-dateDon’t use one-of-a-kind characters in your PowerPoint file nameIf you need to include diagrams and also imeras on your slides, carry out it on a empty slide and also don’t add text on the corresponding slideDisable Ptestimonial Pane in File Explorer.