Powerpoint found a problem with content

I downloaded a PowerPoint attachment from an Outlook email. When I tried to open up the file, it refsupplied to open and offered the following error.

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"PowerPoint uncovered a trouble with content in .pptx. PowerPoint can effort to repair the presentation. If you trust the resource of this presentation, click Repair."


When I clicked Repair, the trouble wasn’t refixed and I got one more error message “Sorry, PowerPoint can’t read .pptx”. The PPT file have the right to be opened up on various other people’s computer systems, however it cannot be opened on my computer. How have the right to I fix this problem? Please help!


The causes of "PowerPoint uncovered a problem through content"

According to our IT staff’s investigation and also trial and error, the error “PowerPoint uncovered a problem with content” generally occurs in PowerPoint documents downloaded from the Web or any internet tool. Of course, it deserve to also happen to presentations you create yourself. Sometimes, this error might simply be a misleading message. Tright here is actually no problem through your file, yet it’s simply limited or blocked from opening on your computer system. Usually, the following situations deserve to lead to this error.

Microsoft PowerPoint is using the Trust Center to proccasion untrusted files from opening on your computer system. The PowerPoint file is blocked by your Windows operating device. The PowerPoint file is corrupted.

How to resolve "PowerPoint discovered a problem with content in .pptx”

After expertise the a lot of most likely reason of this error, we have the right to now begin to try to solve it. Here are three fixes.

Fix 1: Change PowerPoint Trust Center Settings

Tip 1: Open a brand-new blank PowerPoint presentation, and also then click File > Options.

Step 3: After the PowerPoint Options dialog opens, select Trust Center in the left pane, and then click Trust Center Settings in the best pane.


Step 4: After the Trust Center dialog opens up, choose Protected View in the left pane, uncheck all the 3 boxes under the Protected View section in the ideal pane, and also then click OK.


Then examine if you have the right to open the PowerPoint file. If the “PowerPoint discovered a difficulty with content in .pptx” error persists, proceed through the adhering to steps.

Step 5: Open the Trust Center dialog again. Select Trusted Location in the left pane and also click Add new location in the appropriate pane.


Tip 6: When the Microsoft Office Trusted Location dialog opens up, click Browse. Then navigate to the folder that has the PowerPoint file that facing the trouble. Select the folder and also click OK to include the folder to the trusted places list.

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Then check if you can open the PowerPoint file. If the error persists, relocate on to another deal with.

Fix 2: Unblock the .PPTX file

1. Locate the PowerPoint file that cannot be opened up, right-click it, and then choose Properties.

2. When the file’s Properties dialog opens up, choose the General tab, examine the Unblock checkbox, and also then click Apply.


Fix 3: Repair the .PPTX file

If you have actually tried every one of the over techniques, however the file still refuses to open up with the error “PowerPoint uncovered a trouble with content”, then chances are that the file is corrupted. Follow these actions to repair the corrupted PowerPoint .pptx file.

Tbelow are many type of reasons for PowerPoint file corruption, such as malware attacks, abnormal regimen shutdvery own, etc. In order to effectively repair a corrupted PowerPoint file without shedding any kind of information, it’s recommended to usage experienced PowerPoint file repair tool. jiyuushikan.org PowerPoint Refixer is one such tool. It helps repair PowerPoint files that refusage to open up due to any type of corruption or error. Follow the straightforward actions below.

Tip 1: Download and install the jiyuushikan.org PowerPoint Refixer on your PC. After installation, launch this tool. Tip 2: Click the Add switch. An Open dialog will certainly open. Navigate to the PowerPoint file that cannot be opened, pick it, and also then click Open. This will import the file into this tool.


Step 3: Once the .pptx file is imported right into this tool, click Recover in the lower appropriate edge. The tool will certainly automatically start repairing and recovering the PowerPoint file.


Step 4: Soon, the PowerPoint file is recovered efficiently and also you will certainly gain a prompt on the screen. Click OK to finish.

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Step 5: Finally, click Save to save the repaired PowerPoint file. After conserving, you deserve to open the repaired PowerPoint file smoothly without any kind of errors. The error “PowerPoint uncovered a difficulty via content” has been addressed, and also you have actually not lost any data.