Powerpoint found a problem with content in presentation.pptx 2010

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If you have actually currently had actually to prepare a presentation, you may have actually offered a PowerPoint application. All versions of MS PowerPoint 2007 applications develop PPTX files. When you open a PowerPoint file, you periodically get an error message that says “PPT has uncovered a problem with the content of the.pptx presentation file”. Often this error message: PowerPoint has actually uncovered a problem through the content that deserve to attempt to solve the presentation by asking customers to click the Fix switch.

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If you click this switch, in most instances the trouble is not addressed and another error message shows up. As this error stays clear of the opening of the PPTX file, it is a serious trouble for users.

Error message:

PowerPoint found a problem through content in xxxx.ppt__PowerPoint can attempt to repair the presentation.__If you trust the source of this presentation, click repair.__Tbelow was an error accessibility the file xxxxx.ppt

How to fix PowerPoint Found a Problem via Content Error:

Restore file access


Restoring accessibility to a blocked file is basic. Open the File Explorer, right-click on the file and pick Properties from the conmessage menu. When Windows opens up the file properties sheet, inspect the General tab for a button referred to as Unlock. If the switch exists, click it.

Adding the location of the file to the trusted list

April 2021 Update:

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Step 2 : Click “Start Scan” to uncover Windows regisattempt worries that might be resulting in COMPUTER difficulties.Step 3 : Click “Repair All” to resolve all concerns.


If the PowerPoint file was acquired externally (by email, downloaded directly or reextended from a USB stick), PowerPoint might prevent you from opening it if it is stored in an unsecured place. If this scenario uses to your existing case, you have the right to unlock accessibility to the file by adding the document place to your reputable PowerPoint list.

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Although this method is preferable to technique 1 (which effectively disables all safeguarded view settings), it deserve to still be a defense breach if malicious malware is discovered in the exact same folder.

Disable the safeguarded view


1. Open the PowerPoint application2. Click on the Office switch in the upper left corner.3. Click on PowerPoint Options, then on Trust Center.4. In this window, click on Trust Center Setups.5. Search for the safeguarded see in the choices.6. Clear the Enable safeguarded view for Net documents alternative.7. And click on OK.

However before, by disabling the Protected View option, malware from other unrecognized areas deserve to quickly enter the device once a document is downloaded.

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Moving the file out of the synchronized folder


When you try to open a file in the Dropbox or OneDrive folder, you have to move the file to a folder that is not affected by synchronization or various other backup software program. Several customers pertained to reported that the difficulty was solved after moving the file from the synchronized folder to a normal brochure.


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