Yu-Gi-Oh!: OK, HERE Is What Pot of Greed Does Here"s the story of why the seemingly basic Yu-Gi-Oh! card Pot of Greed got to memetic notoriety.

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Nearly on 15 years because the original run of the English dub of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, the series still finds itself embedded in the digital sphere, specifically with memes. One of the many popular memes requires Pot of Greed. The infamous expression "But what does Pot of Greed do?" have the right to be uncovered throughout forums and also comment sections whenever customers are provided the chance and also regularly goes undescribed to puzzled onlookers. The meme originates from the anime, wbelow whenever before a card is used the duelist activating it describes its result to stop confusion. This is extremely useful for reminding the audience what specific cards execute and assuring that first time viewers deserve to likewise save up however deserve to likewise result in some humorous over explaining.

Pot of Greed has actually a really simple impact. It allows a player to draw 2 cards, making it among the most basic to understand also cards in all of Yu-Gi-Oh! However before, in practically eexceptionally appearance of Pot of Greed in the anime, its activator explains to the audience what the card does. This over-explacountry of such an underwhelming impact makes for some hilariously repeated moments. YouTube videos chronicling eincredibly instance of Pot of Greed being supplied in the anime have actually aided spreview the meme.

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In the real-life trading card game, Pot of Greed is fairly well known for both its overuse and also its condition as an exceptionally overpowered card. To newer players or simply those unfamiliar through Yu-Gi­-Oh!­, the simple capability doesn"t seem to be all that impactful, however the impact is so solid that Pot of Greed has been banned for years with practically no possibility of ever being made legal aobtain.

What provides the card such an effective tool is the natural card benefit it grants. If a player draws Pot of Greed on their initially rotate, it is the equivalent of founding the game via an added card. Even past solid starts, the card permits for incredibly efficient deck thinning at no cost. In a game prefer Yu-Gi-Oh! through incredibly optimized combo decks, the ability to acquire cards out of the deck and into the hand also as easily as feasible cannot be underdeclared.

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The iconic status of the card has actually caused plenty of variations of the card, which have actually watched differed usage. One of the newest variations is Pot of Extravagance, which permits players to draw one or 2 cards but at the cost of cards from their Extra Deck being rerelocated from play. Furthermore, players cannot draw even more cards after activating the result. Pot of Desires is a attract two card through similar price, which requires players to rerelocate 10 of their Key Deck cards from play. In spite of their exceptionally high activation prices, both cards see lots of usage in competitive play, mirroring just how vital card benefit truly is.

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While Pot of Greed will certainly likely never before see use aget, its heritage has actually left a lasting influence on Yu-Gi-Oh! neighborhood. Its memory will certainly live on with the many memes and also cards motivated by it.

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