In composing Against Depression, I had actually occasion to refer to the the Problemata Physica, or Problems, a work-related sometimes attributed to Aristotle. That work-related might well be at the historical root of the link, in the Western creativity, between imagination and mood disorder. The Problems is also the book that is periodically linked via the post-coital blues saying. When I sought that quotation (as many type of others before me had actually done), what I found was only this more interesting insurance claim, which I included as a curiosity in my book: "Why perform young males, as soon as they first start to have sex-related intercourse, hate those via whom they have actually connected after the act is over?"

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I had known the after sex saying in a much longer and also, relying on taste, arguably more amutilizing form: "Triste est omne animal write-up coitum, praeter mulierem gallumque," which translates: Eexceptionally animal is sad after sex, except the huguy female and the rooster. Searching for the resource of the original quotation, I came throughout a 1982 article, downloadable right here, in the journal Amerideserve to Notes and Queries. The writer, Justin Glenn, then a graduate student at Florida State College, did not control to get to the root, although he discovered that Alfred Kinsey, in Sexual Behavior in the Person Female, attributed the sentence to the prehistoric (ca 130 - 200 AD) clinical writer Galen. (Previously Freud had actually wisely composed, "This quotation has not been traced.") But Galen"s works fill 20 volumes; no one seems to have actually done the work-related to locate the quotation or demonstrate its absence, a task that would be complicated by Galen"s having actually composed in not Latin but Greek.

As Glenn demonstrates, the underlying ideas were commonlocations in the ancient human being. Pliny the Elder, in his Natural History, reinpressures the Aristotelian watch that males feel repugnance after intercourse. And classic wisdom, buttressed by the mythical testimony of a hermaphrodite, has actually it that though they hide the fact, woguys enjoy ten times the sex-related pleasure knowledgeable by men. As for the rooster - that knows? But currently and then, someone has to brag.

For those that could enjoy a brief detour into a longstanding controversy, the Glenn essay is worth a glance. And for the wider audience: cheers to all on this exciting day. Here’s to political passion that deserve to be mutual without a sense of letdown.

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Peter D. Kramer is a psychiatrist and also author. His books encompass Against Depression and Listening to Prozac. His brand-new book, Ordinarily Well, will certainly be publimelted by Farrar, Straus and also Giroux in June.