“Pope John Paul II " Typical Hybrid Tea shaper, stunning perfume, perfect clear white blooms of elegance. Grvery own in the Vatican’s private garden. Winner of trophies and also medals about the civilization for fragrance, vigor and also premium illness resistance. Gold Medal Winner and also Many Fraprovide Rose at the National Rose Trial Garden of Australia in 2010. Grows to approx 90 cm. Abundance of flowers on a healthy and balanced plant.

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Category: Hybrid TeaBreeder: ‘Pope John Paul II’ was developed by American increased breeder, Dr. Keith W. Zary in 2006, and also was introduced into the United States in 2013 by Jackson & Perkins. The new rose was developed in honor of the late Pope John Paul II. The pure white increased was specifically favored by the Vatideserve to, and also was planted in the Vatican gardens in 2013 overlooking Saint Peter’s Basilica. WikipediaYear of Introduction:2013Parentage: Secret × Fragive LaceHeight and width: approx. 1m x 60cmGrowth: AverageFoliage: Light/Mid/Dark GreenThorns: Ala lot of thornlessBloom: Perfect formColour: Clean White/IvoryFragrance: Intense CitrusHealth: Very excellent. Keep them well fed to keep excellent health and wellness. The continuous repetition of flowering has a tendency to drain them. Petal Count: 45/50Awards: Gold Medal Winner and also Many Fraapprove Rose at the National Rose Trial Garden of Australia in 2010. Marion de Boehme Memorial Award 2010, Governor of Gifu’s (Japan) ’Many Fragive Rose" Award. Comment: A stunning white rose via the most beautiful fragrance

The Purple Heart Collection represents the finest of the best roses. They must have actually all 5 features necessary of a rose of excellence.

stunning colourperfect shapebeautiful perfumehardy in Queensland conditionslast even more than a day without blowing open

These are the roses we many very recommend for your garden based on our experiences in rose farming.

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Potted Rose Supplied in Plastic Pot, Bag or Gro Bag. May be offered as a newly potted dormant plant during Winter while into Spring and also Summer will be well-establimelted and perhaps flowering. A potted rose will certainly be settled long sufficient to establish that it has actually a great survival rate. Protect from frost and also store well watered. Potted Roses have the right to be planted all year and will primarily settle more quickly than a bare root climbed.

Bare-Root Rose will certainly be supplied as the name says, with bare roots all set to plant and have to be collected/delivered/planted automatically after soaking. Bare-root roses have actually more hazard of non-survival than a potted climbed and also mainly one would certainly suppose 80-90% survival rates.

Care Water well and often. Roses perform not like to dry out specifically once freshly planted. Roses prefer an also moisture not also wet, not also dry.No fertilisers at planting for approx. 3 weeks till establiburned. Fertilise as spring approaches. Add some potassium (don’t overperform it) and also you will be rewarded with flowers in November. Roses freduced in flushes, some even more frequently than others. Water, rain, manures and fertilizers and pruning will certainly all aid to bring new flushes.

Please read Eumundi Roses terms and also conditions. No remoney or replacement policy. Plants are a living point and also as such will certainly die for assorted reasons beyond our regulate. Most roses live a long and also happy life. Colour of your flowers will certainly differ throughout the seasons and is dependent on temperature, soil kind and many kind of various other factors, just as leaves on the trees turn from green to red in the Autumn, flowers additionally change. Refer to our info on roses for even more indevelopment.

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Eumundi Roses Special Deliincredibly Runs: Eumundi Roses makes several special door to door distribution runs to Queensland also and interstate to NSW, SA and VIC throughout June, July and August. Check yearly for advertised path details. Advantage is personal distribution, no damage, friendly information and advice. Quite regularly the rates will be less than other creates of shipment. Some Australia Post and also Courier schosen deliveries will be delivered by Eumundi Roses where it is feasible and also correct. Please ensure we have actually your residence attend to. (Sorry, no interstate trips this year)We will be headed north/west very soon, and currently and then a run to Brisbane. Contact us for details specifically if you’d favor to order multiple potted roses/requirements.

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