Pokemon go egg stuck

Somebody PLEASE tell me I"m not the just one who"s egg distance started fu**ing up in the previous few days. Literally out of nowbelow it began offering me favor a tenth of the distance it"s intended to provide me, and I"ve been STRUGGLING TO HATCH ANYTHING ever because. Sometimes a phone reset fixes it, and various other times LIKE TODAY it does not. I"ve been out below walking for an hour and 20 mins, and I"ve gotten LESS THAN HALF of the distance I would certainly normally obtain. This game is going to make me snap male, it really is. Am I the just one this is happening to? Does NIANTIC KNOW OF THIS?

I"ve been acquiring much less than normal but it may be because I"m playing Pokémon Go Drive to rassist rather of Pogo.

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I have actually like I sassist, it does not always carry out anypoint. And I don"t think it"s my phone bereason my character is relocating around simply fine choose it has actually been this entirety time. Wouldn"t it be protecting against, teleporting, and also just not moving correctly if it was my phone?

I do not think it"s my phone because my character is moving about simply fine favor it has actually been this entirety time. Wouldn"t it be stopping, teleporting, and also simply not relocating effectively if it was the phone?

My caps lock obtained stuck because this game has actually legit been pushing me to the brink via all it does to me. But anymethods, if it"s my phone is tright here a way to deal with it?

If I let a get gain me that upset I"d simply quit playing. It"s a game. If you let it acquire you that upcollection then you"re problems aren"t strictly phone related.

As for the phone problem itself? Get a far better phone. That"s unfortunately the finest option. All the tweaks and also settings in the human being can"t turn an underpowered phone right into anypoint even more. I have a friend w a crap phone and he swears it"s not the phone. Yet he is the only one via all these issues eincredibly time. It"s likewise a pay as you go phone that was bought on a deal.

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You obtain what u pay for.

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See my phone is intended to be decent bereason it"s a Nexus 6P, but it"s actually been garbage bereason I got it on eBay which I really shouldn"t have done, but I was trying to obtain a good phone on a budobtain and I don"t have actually the money to replace it atm. Regardless I"ve had actually it for months, and the egg distance was fine. It"s garbage in the feeling that it lags and also underperdevelops when it really shouldn"t, but I still have way less lag than some other people I see playing and prefer I said my eggs have actually been fine for months. Don"t watch how the hell it might begin messing them up now, particularly as soon as the GENERAL PRACTITIONERS is completely fine.