Play avi files on iphone

I understand that the bundled apps for iPhone does not support AVI records. However, I have numerous these papers which I desire to watch on my iPhone.

Can you suggest a systematized, automatic means of doing this? I have never before watched videos on my iPhone or iTunes prior to and would certainly appreciate action by step answers.

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Use HandBrake to easily convert the AVI papers to an iPhone compatible format then sync those converted documents with your iPhone

Or, email/write-up them to Posterous, and they"ll be auto-converted into a format watchable on your iPhone


Tright here are plenty of apps which will allow your iPhone to support .avi records...

For starters, there is the all-time favorite VLC (free) . You get the file-assistance and also the friendly user interface favor you"re supplied to on your Mac.

Then tright here is AcePlayer ($2.99) which will certainly also support more papers, is incredibly user friendly and this app is close to my favorite.

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But my all time favorite application is CineX-Player ($1.99). They tend to perform some actions wbelow you have the right to get this app via a discount (or even free).

All of these apps are quickly controlled by iTunes Data Sharing:


They all assistance many documents (consisting of your requested .avi), subtitles and they all have a nice and clear interface. I can very recommend CineX-Player, yet VLC is good also and it"s free!




Tbelow are most apps that assistance this. The finest I"ve discovered is yxplayer in the app store or yxflash from Cydia (exact same point for complimentary, however needs jailbreak) -- great compatcapacity, fast via non-HD content, and so on You deserve to move the files over using either iTunes or any kind of routine that let"s you access the filedevice choose iPhoneBrowser, then watch them without the require for any kind of conversions.

Convariation is not a great option:

Slow (often about 2/3 the size of the video, so you need to arrangement ahead)Lossy (you will certainly lose quality)Larger records (usually)Generally a pain in the ass

If you need to convert, HandBrake (choose the accepted answer suggests) is excellent but doesn"t support all formats - xvid4psp in my endure is slightly better.

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If you want to convert MKV records with installed ASS/SSA subtitles (having actually spent >5 hrs searching for a program that will certainly work for this), version 4 of xvid4psp (does not work-related on Win7 x64) is the only program that will certainly execute this. v5/v6 of xvid4psp, HandBrake, and so on, and so on. will certainly not occupational.