Pinterest restore from backup

Deleting or absent Pinterest pins or boards deserve to be found in 4 means, including to restore from backup or multiple accounts, to recuperate from the cached copy, and also to apply information recoextremely software application for a shot. Try your best to retrieve and uncover missing pins and boards on Pinteremainder and also excellent luck.

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Are you a Pinteremainder fan who "Pin" a lot whenever before it comes across a web web page, image or video that interests you? I believe a lot of of you are.

As a cost-free social media website, Pinterest attracts users by offering them accessibility to upfill, save, kind and also manage imperiods as pins, and other media contents such as videos via collections well-known as boards. For a long time, one commonly asking question becomes noticeable and also we think it"s time to work-related on it - exactly how to find missing pins and also boards on Pinterest?

In the adhering to, we"ve gathered 4 official methods provided by Pinteremainder and one dependable file recoextremely software for you to reclaim deleted, missing or lost Pins or Boards through ease.

Workable SolutionsStep-by-action Troubleshooting
Fix 1. Resave from BackupOpen your email inbox and find the connect by searching for the name of the board...Full steps
Fix 2. Recover from AccountsGo to Click and follow this attach...Full steps
Fix 3. Recover Group BoardFind the board that you"d favor to sign up with. Click on the board, choose "Repursuit to join"...Full steps
Fix 4. Search for A Cached CopyAccording to Pinterest"s tip, it said that searching Google for your Pinteremainder..Full steps
Fix 5. Use Data Recoincredibly SoftwareLaunch Documents Recovery Wizard, hover on the partition or device you desire to recuperate...Full steps

Part 1. Pinterest Official Help - Find Missing Boards or Pins

Pinteremainder provides its very own account-based cloud organization to save all uploaded shares. However before, when you deleted pins and also boards, tright here are no 100% working implies showed to retrieve them.

Regardless of this, the Pinterest assistance team still provides 4 main tips to assist deal with this issue. Refer to the applicable methods and try to find your missing boars or pins:

#1. Restore Deleted Board from Backup

Sometimes, the sent or shared Pinteremainder board links through email or social network account have the right to be related to as a backup. Thus, you may describe the below steps to carry the deleted or missing Pinteremainder boards back from the "Backup":

Step 1. Open your email inbox and discover the attach by searching for the name of the board.

Tip 2. Open the connect you"ve found, and you"ll be told that the board has actually been deleted. Sindicate click the Restore button.

Then your deleted board will certainly appear in the Owned by me area on the dashboard.


#2. Retrieve Pins and Boards from Multiple Pinteremainder Accounts

Sometimes, when your pins and boards are missing or look various, you more than likely might have produced another new account.

The ideal method to fix the difficulty is to list all your easily accessible email addresses and attempt logging in with each one until you gain to the ideal account and discover all missing pins and boards ago.

Here are the steps:

Step 1. Go to


Tip 2. Click and also follow this link:

Search for the email, name or username that is associated with your accounts and type in the column and also click "Submit". 


If you use a name or username, click "This is me" next to your account, and also click "Send".

Step 3. Check and confirm the email linked through your accounts, then click "Reset password".

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Step 4. Go to and also log in with your email deal with with brand-new password. Then you have the right to check to watch if all missing pins and also boards have been discovered.

#3. Recover Group Board

If your group boards listed on your profile all of a sudden vanished, it"s either because you left the group boards or they were removed by the team board creator.

Because of this, you have the right to attempt to contact the owner and also ask him to invite you aacquire. Or send a sign up with request to the board aobtain.

Here is how to send a request to join a team board:

Tip 1. Find the board that you"d favor to sign up with.

Tip 2. Click on the board, select "Repursuit to join" beside the Follow switch.

Once your repursuit gets approved, you"ll obtain an e-mail and a press alert. Tbelow, your team board is ago.

#4. Search for A Cached Copy

According to Pinterest"s tip, it sassist that looking Google for your Pinterest username and also the name of the board or Pin might help you discover a cached copy.

Part 2. Pinterest Recovery: Rekeep Cached Imperiods or Videos on A Local Disk

In addition to the main support for Pinteremainder recoincredibly, some knowledgeable users are guessing that sometimes they additionally choose to store a cached copy of Pinteremainder imeras or pack videos on their local tough disk.

This rises the possibility to fully restore lost Pinteremainder imperiods and also videos. If you lost the in your area conserved files or don"t recognize the area of loaded Pinterest images/videos, grab the last possibility by utilizing some third-party information recoextremely software program.

Here, File Recovery Wizard is able to scan and also find all data papers that retained on a regional disk. Downfill this software program and also follow listed below tutorial measures to lug your Pinteremainder caburned images or videos back:

Tip 1. Choose the area and start scanning.

Launch Documents Recoextremely Wizard, hover on the partition or tool you desire to recuperate imperiods from and then click "Scan".


Tip 2. Select the images you desire to recuperate.

Wait until the scanning completes and also then choose the photos you want to recover. To locate the items much faster, click "Filter" > "Pictures" or search for images through the search bar.


Step 3. Recover imperiods.

Click "Recover" and choose a location on another disk or gadget to save the reextended imeras.


After conserving the found Pinteremainder imperiods and also videos, you can upfill them up to your Pinteremainder account aget.

Part 3. Tips to Protect Pinteremainder Pins and Boards

According to the above remedies, you might understand that is really difficult to carry the deleted or missing Pinterest pins or boards. If tright here is a means that can ago up your favored pins or boards will certainly much better.

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As such, right here in the complying with, we"ve built up some tips to assist you back up and safeguard these items:

# 1. Load and save favored Pinteremainder imperiods and also videos on a neighborhood drive

If you have a large drive or an exterior difficult drive with enough space, we"d favor to recommfinish you downfill and save favored Pinterest imperiods and videos tbelow. This will be less complicated than trying the so-called "Recoincredibly Methods" provided by Pinterest.

# 2. Save web links that you"ve mutual in your email, social network

This is a manual method that may likewise work if you selectively collect and save the common links of favored Pinteremainder pins or boards in your email address or social netjob-related account. When your pins or boards are lacking, you have the right to try # 1 in Part 1 to effectively gain back them.