Pie Man Was Not Meant To Eat must be food kind Decent, quite than Epic, bereason as a straight quote from the wiki, “(Decent) Gives even more than 1 and at a lot of 2 adendeavors per fullness,” and a PMWNMTE provides 100-200 adventures for 100 fullness. That is the indistinguishable of 1-2 adv for 1 fullness.

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Change my mind.

Edit: I’m aware you’d eat it with a Quantum Taco. I’m saying if somehow you regulated to gain 100 stomach, it’d be Decent.

I... did not expect people to reply. This is an exceptional argument!

Though I’m going on the direct amount of adventures you’d get/amount of stomach you’d fill without Quantum Tacos. With a Quantum Taco, it’d be its very own category (that’s a 100:1 for adv/fullness).

Perhaps the metric is not about ratios so a lot as the deliciousness of the item. Thus Stench Jelly, despite its power is crappy, bereason its fuggin stench jelly.

Its why metrics are not always successfully stood for in ratios.

(I assume a food leading to 100 fullness is able to be eaten, believed I haven't been active on KoL in many type of years) of course 1:1 doesnt sound prefer a good rate, but if you are able to obtain 100 advs from it, it's by far one of the best alternatives if you are needing many type of adventured from food consumption!

(I assume a food resulting in 100 fullness is able to be consumed, believed I haven't been active on KoL in many years)

You can't eat it under normal circumstances. The greatest thing you'd hypothetically be able to eat would take up 36 fullness, and also that's only feasible in an Avatar of Boris difficulty path, through the path-exclusive skill Legendary Appetite, plus Stomach of Steel, and also then you'd also have to usage lupine appetite hormones, Cuppa Voraci tea, a sweet tooth, and a distension pill.

However, there's a distinct food referred to as a quantum taco that you just need 2 fullness to eat, however after you eat it efficiently, it retroactively transcreates into a random food, even if the food it becomes would've taken even more fullness than you had. This is the just method to eat the pie male was not intended to eat and still gain the number of adventures coded for this food.

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EDIT: I might also include that you could usage Feast of Boris and also the aforementioned fullness modifiers to eat something that takes up 41 fullness. If you decide to eat 41 s'mores in a single ascension, the last one will offer you 664 adendeavors (or 864 adendeavors if you use a salad fork).