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Downpack the latest version of PhoneTrans Pro Cracked Windows x64 that is Multilingual. Works 100% on home windows computer systems and it is pre-activated.

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PhoneTrans Pro

SoftwarePhoneTrans Pro Cracked Full
CategoryUtilities & Tools,Tools
Current Versionv5.1.0.20210201 (x64)
FixPre-Activated Setup

From Phone to Phone, Transfer as You Like. PhoneTrans bridges the gap, and provides it one-click easy to migrate every little thing you need easily across iOS and Android phones & taballows, in any method you want. PhoneTrans offers 3 device-to-device migration options for you to transfer data straight from phone to phone. No issue you desire to move whatever in one click or simply particular data you need, and no issue you want to 1:1 clone data and also settings of your previous phone to the brand-new one or merge the content of 2 phones, it goes as you like, quickly and automatically.


Direct Phone to Phone Transfer in Your Preferred WayPhoneTrans offers 3 device-to-device migration alternatives for you to deliver data straight from phone to phone. No issue you desire to relocate whatever in one click or just particular information you need, and no matter you want to 1:1 clone data and also settings of your previous phone to the new one or merge the content of 2 phones, it goes as you choose, conveniently and also immediately.

Transfer What You Really Need EfficientlyJust desire to move what really matters to you rather of making a complete restore? Need to switch from iPhone to an Android phone, or vice versa? PhoneTrans fulfills your dreams. It allows you openly pick and carry content you desire, like contacts you conserved, photos you shot, music you accumulated, etc. So you have the right to save a vast amount of data migration time.

1:1 Clamong Data and Setups in One TapIf you want to set up a brand-new phone, this is your finest alternative. PhoneTrans lets you 1:1 clone information and also settings of your previous phone to your brand-new phone, in a simple tap. The calls you made yesterday, the important messages you preserved for a lengthy time, and the practice ringtones you provided are all in the best location waiting for you.

Merge Documents of Multiple Devices to Your New PhoneApart from 1:1 clone, PhoneTrans have the right to also merge information of two phones, which implies content from both phones will certainly be well arranged on your wanted one without data overcomposing. So, even if your new phone is already in usage, you can still make migration without losing any kind of data. Or, if you have to merge data from multiple gadgets to your everyday offered one, it’s a few clicks away. More intelligently, PhoneTrans skips duplicates automatically on the fly.

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Move Apps to New iPhone at One Go, WhatsApp Data IncludedSuffered enough of wasting time and also bandwidth to redownpack apps one by one on your brand-new iPhone? Well, don’t need to endure such pain currently. As the only solution available, PhoneTrans Cracked moves all the apps from the previous iPhone/iPad directly to your brand-new iPhone/iPad at one go. Want to move WhatsApp messages? Sure. No issue you’re relocating from an Android phone or iPhone, the entire chat history will be transferred to your new iPhone seamlessly via one click.

Back Up and Restore What You Want to New PhoneIn enhancement to straight phone-to-phone transport, you can additionally make information migration by restoring from a backup. So even as soon as your previous phone is not around, you have the right to still move your important data, records, and settings to your brand-new phone.

Why Do You Need PhoneTrans to Create Backups?It’s the many finish and functional backup solution out tright here. PhoneTrans backs up more kinds of data than iTunes, like imported photos, music, videos, ringtones, and so on. You have the right to likewise make backups the way you desire – apart from entirety content, PhoneTrans lets you ago up one or numerous specific forms of data too. This method, the backup is much faster, more space-conserving, and more in line through your requirements. You understand what? You can also save backup documents to an external drive if you prefer.

Rekeep from Any Backup Any Way You WantNo issue your compelled information lie in an iTunes backup or PhoneTrans Pro Full Crack backup, and whether you want a complete restore or simply specific data, PhoneTrans Full Crack can constantly get what you require onto your phone the way you desire. You have the right to additionally choose various information you require from different backups and also restore them to the same device without erasing any type of information. Even seamlessly reclaim an iOS/iPadOS backapproximately your Android device, or reclaim an Android backas much as iPhone/iPad. Yes, you can.

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Transfer File from iTunes Library, iCloud, and also Google Account as WellPhoneTrans Pro Crack integprices multiple sources, trying its best to help you move all the information and files you desire to the brand-new iOS/Android gadget, even if they are scattered in various places. Imagine that, you can transfer your favorite songs from iTunes library, download essential contacts from iCloud, and save valuable memories from Google Photos. Isn’t it great? Actually, there’s somepoint better – you don’t have to problem around compatibility worries, since all the information will be automatically converted to a format that’s sustained by your phone.