Phone wont turn on after screen replacement

The Problem

I simply reinserted the battery and also display screen of my iPhone 5. The phone does not appear to be functioning at all. Tbelow is no response from the phone after doing a difficult reset and also the phone will certainly not respond to the mute switch. There is no backlight.

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The just thing that appears stvariety is that the house switch is a little wobbly.

When I plug the phone right into iTunes, it claims it can"t accessibility the phone because it is locked via a passcode.

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I have actually tried pushing all sorts of various butloads, and also the only point that provides any kind of response is plugging right into the computer system.

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Any ideas?


If you have the right to afford to lose the data on it, you can attempt making use of "Pwned" DFU mode, which is a type of manufacturing facility firmware flashing mode equivalent to recoextremely mode, or Android"s Downfill Setting. Once the gadget is in DFU mode (measures below) iTunes must tell you that it has actually detected an iPhone in gain back mode. Choose to "Update & Restore", and iTunes will download, verify, and install the newest iPhone 5 firmware to the phone. When it is done the gadget need to be available. If the screen still does not respond afterware yet iTunes continues to interconfront via it, it is an concern through just how the display screen was installed, in which instance you must (obviously just if you were the one to replace it or recognize what you are doing) open the iPhone, find the ribbon cable connected to the screen, disaffix it, ensure that tbelow is nothing that would reason interference with the connection (dust particles, fuzz, and so on.) and also reattach the ribbon cable. provides a stselection ribbon cable style and I have discovered in the previous that it occasionally seems as though one is totally associated once it is not.

Steps to enter DFU mode:

Disattach the iPhone from your Mac. Hold BOTH Power & Home for 20 seconds. On the 20th second, let go of the Power switch yet KEEP holding the Home switch for a secondary 30 secs. Your display screen need to be babsence, reattach your iPhone to your Mac and also if it functioned iTunes must report that the connected iPhone is in recoexceptionally mode and also demands to be brought back. Either Click "Upday & Restore" to auto-downpack and install the newest firmware for your tool from the servers, or host down the "Shift" crucial while clicking the button to install a practice .ipsw firmware file (will only work through firmware built and also signed by a licensed Developer account).