Phone wont stop vibrating

So, my phone started a continuous vibprice buzzing, and also can"t seem to stop it at all, tried turning off in setting, tried hard recollection, no avail.

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Was hoping someone may have actually an idea to try or resolution in time prior to I execute a restore as it"s incredibly annoying and also making my fingers numb.

Thanks in breakthrough.

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I was having the same problem and was all set to open up my phone but i discovered that just shaking my phone tough obtained it to speak. I’m pretty certain this is simply a temprary solution but still, it’s something

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Hi JLF88, If your iPhone SE will not soptimal vibrating, and a tough reset did not settle the issue, attempt forcing any kind of apps that are running closed then attempt rebeginning iPhone commonly. Force an app to close on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch Rebegin your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch​ Thanks for using Support Communities to article your question. Let us recognize if this works for you. Have an excellent weekend.
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Tried that, no luck. Done a complete gain back and also whenever before the phone was powered up at any point, it still done it. After an hour and also a fifty percent it stopped, but has happened a couple times because, but now the vibprice isn"t vibrating as it have to, is a lot weaker.

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Hey JLF88, Thanks for trying out the actions. If after a full reclaim was performed and also the worry persists, we should Contact Support to have your iPhone seen for hardware problems. Please tell us the results. Cheers.

Were you able to deal with this issue? my phone is doing the precise very same thing. I"ve attempted to do the measures noted in this feed with no luck.


Press & host power button down & menu button host both dvery own until you check out logo design this deserve to take 30 seconds.

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I was having the exact same trouble and was ready to open up my phone however i found that just shaking my phone tough acquired it to stop. I’m pretty certain this is simply a temprary solution however still, it’s something

Tried every suggestion on this web page and phone is still vibrating.

Any other answer besides making an appointment at the Genius Bar?

Mike from assisted me through this. You will must gain back your phone to factory settings (be sure to make a backup initially and additionally you will must rotate off "find my phone" feature), then gain back your phone from the backup.

Mike ran analytics on the phone and sassist it was a software program concern, not hardware: therefore the wipe and reinstall. Be ready, though: the entirety process takes almost an hour.

Hey JLF88, so this problem just began via me, and it"s been going on for around fifty percent an hour.

I researched anywhere to uncover a solution, and also fortunately I have an otter box instance and determined to simply throw it on the ground and it quit immediately. If you trust your instance, possibly it will work-related for you too! lol

i had the very same concern, what i did to settle it was go into settings, then scroll to sounds, turn vibrate on ring vibprice on silent and also key-board clicks on and also off aget. this solved it for me hopecompletely for you too