Phone randomly vibrates android

Samsung is the unquestioned, the king of Android. This Korean tech large together with its Chinese nemesis, marketed one-3rd of all phones marketed in Q2 2019. This is no mean feat. This likewise indicates that a good percent of phones in the hands of customers is a Samsung phone.

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This is not by possibility. Samsung’s phones have been recognized for their decent develop top quality and among the more sleek Android skins in the organization this particular day. This, therefore, induces a specific level of quality. And users suppose nopoint much less.


Galaxy A50

A section of Samsung smartphone users have oboffered a quite odd behavior on their gadgets. Most affected users note that this started after the January patch update.

According to these customers, their Samsung tools would simply begin vibrating as if tright here was a notice while actually, there is no new alert on their tool.

Hi men I have been utilizing A50 phone from 10 months after January patch update my phone is vibrating unnecessarily without any notifications.

Is anyone encountering the very same difficulty choose me ??

Please help via these if anyone has experienced ??Source



My phone is vibrating for 2-3 seconds at least 7-8 times in a day without any type of reason..from the past 2-3 days..the frequency of vibration has been increased.. No notification flash messperiods nothing..even I checked my alert bar inavailability that is additionally off also..kindly aid me in this..Source

According to individuals, this is not an isolated case as it happens a number of times in the course of the day. The issue has actually additionally been reported by individuals on different Samsung galaxy phones, from the M30s to the A50 and also a couple of even more.

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Some customers have actually additionally detailed that this happens also as soon as Smart Alert, a function that is supposed to filter out any incoming notifications other than pre-apverified ones, is involved.


Nice Catch app

Luckily, tbelow can be a solution. An app that is available on Samsung’s own App Store, permits users to find out which app reasons the phone to vibprice. The app, Nice Catch, is accessible on Galaxy Store. You can download it here.

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