Phone charging but percentage going down

my samsung freshly began not charging correctly. It is plugged right into charge however as i usage it the percentage decreases till it goes to 0 and shuts down. i left it in last night to see if the problem was me using it while it remained in charger ( also though iv never had a trouble via this before) and also it only had actually 83% once i woke up. so i left it in for another hour and also it was still on 83, i jiggled the charger then it began charging. What is wrong via my phone, is it the battery or charger.

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Phone is sensibly brand-new ( 6 months)

Charger is original

Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo

my charging goes down while charging I have actually readjusted my charger nd usb as well still I have dealing with the very same trouble plzz aid me

My tablet is constantly going dvery own once im blogging however it still going down untill shut dvery own,but I"m charging it...pls aid me out for tis...

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I am enduring from same difficulty, I keept my cellphone in charging a entirety last night but it remains in 83%, the red indicator can be seen and also the authorize of thunder is also visible but the battery is not charging and periodically the battery percent goes dvery own, if the phone is completely charged after 2 or 3 minutes it decreases dvery own quickly.. Please aid me what must I do





You shelp you have to jiggle the charger to obtain it to work?

If you need to wiggle/jiggle or biggle (my new word:) the charger in the port to gain it to charge it"s most likely losing connection to the traces on your motherboard. We"ve viewed this a lot on the S3 in my keep. If the charging port inside looks normal (no bent pins or damage) its possibly damages to the traces on the motherboard that connects the charging port to the motherboard. Unfortunately once this is the situation I recommend another gadget or motherboard. You would basically need super huguy eyes to deal with this component of the board. Even if you relocation the charging port it can be a temporary resolve if the link to motherboard is poor/damaged.

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I"d initially examine the inside the the charging port (see if there"s any type of visible damage). I would certainly say attempt a battery or one more cable however if you need to change the cable, it prob will not job-related. I"ll uppack a picture of what I"m talking about soon.