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Vikas TU

A- + H2O; HA + OH-

Here HA is weak acid taken into consideration.

As instance, the salt CH3COONa. It ionises in water entirely to give CH3COO- and Na+ ions. CH3COO- ions react via water to create a weak acid, CH3COOH and also OH- ions.


C(1-x) Cx Cx

Thus, OH- ion concentration rises, the solution be­comes alkaline.

From legislation of mass activity,

Kh = / = (Cx×Cx)/C(1-x) = (Cx2)/(1-x) ) ...... (i)

Other equations present in the solution are:


Ka = / ...... (ii)

H2O  H+ + OH-,

Kw = ....... (iii)

From eqs. (ii) and (iii),

log = log Kw - log Ka + log/

-pOH = -pKw + pKa + log/

pKw - pOH = pKa + log/.



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