What perform you recognize about your customers? Do you understand what actually makes them buy or why they select you?

Conventional wisdom claims you can acquire to recognize your tarobtain audience by studying demographics such as age, ethnicity, and also education and learning. A few marketers go past that by taking psychographics criteria into consideration, such as attitudes, worths, and desires.

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But this is still misleading: if you desire to specify methods to connect your customers, you have to truly understand also their buying decisions.



My name is Adele Revella, and also I’m the CEO of the Buyer Persona Institute and author of Buyer Personas (a Fortune Magazine height 5 organization book). In this post, I’m going to show you just how to incorporate demographics and psychographics through a distinct emphasis on understanding why civilization buy, just how they buy, and just how to use these insights to make an affect via your marketing.

I'll cover:

What is psychographics?

Psychographics is the qualitative methodology of examining consumers based upon mental characteristics and traits such as values, desires, goals, interests, and also way of living options.

Psychographics in marketing focus on understanding the consumer’s emotions and worths, so you can sector even more accurately.

(Demographics + psychographics) x buyer habits = actionable buyer persona


A buyer persona is a profile of a typical customer based on genuine data. Many kind of think you have the right to obtain a full understanding of your customers by examining demographics (e.g., age, race, project title) alone; others indicate that you likewise must add the a lot of common psychographics features (e.g. personality, values, mindsets, and also lifestyles) to the mix for extra clarity.

Neither solution, but, helps you understand why someone decides to buy.

Example: a traditional buyer persona could present you to 'Madichild, a 35-year-old task manager who loves cats and also yoga.' But what does this actually mean for your business? Does her love of cats or technique to exercise assist you influence her option to attempt out your task administration software?

The just way to develop a complete buyer persona is to combine relevant demographic and also psychographic information through an knowledge of what makes your targain customers buy.

5 examples of psychographic characteristics


Unchoose demographic information, which identifies wide categories of potential customers, psychographic data tells you around these people’s attitudes and ideas.

So let’s start from the basics. Here are 5 examples of psychographic characteristics that researchers generally examine (and also have the right to provide you advantageous insights about potential customers):

1. Personalities

Personality defines the arsenal of traits that someone consistently exhibits over time, as generally assessed through a 5-Factor Model.

Example: one personality trait that is part of the 5-Factor Model is extroversion, which actions the degree to which someone gains power by spfinishing time with others. If a company that sells fishing equipment digital discovered their average customers are men who score low in extrovariation (meaning they’re mainly introverted), they can desire to incorporate imperiods of males fishing alone, enjoying tranquility and solitude, on their promotional products. 

2. Lifestyles

Lifestyle is the repertoire of someone’s day-to-day activities: their associations, where they live, wbelow they spfinish their time, and so on.

Example: if a agency that owns a meditation app finds that many kind of of their customers are single individuals that prefer to spend their weekends partying, the marketing team might develop heralding campaigns that stop to the have to disattach from the hectic pace of metropolitan life—as opposed to, say, the needs of parenthood.

3. Interests

Interests incorporate hobbies, pastimes, media usage habits, and also what occupies someone’s time.

Example: an virtual poker webwebsite might find that a comprehensive propercent of its users also enjoy watching footsphere. This could prompt the company to use sporting analogies in their ad projects (e.g., referring to a huge tournament as the ‘World Cup’ of digital poker).

4. Opinions, mindsets, and beliefs

Opinions, mindsets, and also beliefs are distinct psychographic categories, but I’ve grouped them together because they tend to be strongly associated. It’s not a black-and-white scientific research, however in general religious ideas (or absence thereof) can regularly predict political opinions and general worldwatch, and also vice versa.

Example: if a women’s clothing retailer uncovered that a lot of their target industry consists of deeply religious women from the southern UNITED STATE, they can consider displaying modest, old-fashioned dresses in their Facebook ads.

5. Values

Someone’s values explain their feeling of appropriate and also wrong.

Example: if a food delivery organization finds that their customers treatment deeply around the setting, they can advantage from transporting meals in biodegradable containers.


For marketers of customer products as displayed in these examples, these 5 elements could aid you understand your targain industry. But these might simply as conveniently lead you astray if they are inconsistent characteristics for your buyers, or irpertinent to the products and also solutions you are marketing.

5 psychographic examples that influence buying behavior


The adhering to five qualities are what we at the Buyer Persona Institute call the 5 Rings of Buying Insight, which stop to the qualities that influence buying decisions for certain assets or services.

1. Priority initiatives

Priority initiatives define why some buyers are willing to invest in a solution favor yours and also what sepaprices them from those who are fine via the condition quo.

Priority campaigns aren’t simply pain points that your attributes are designed to reverse. You desire to understand also the precise circumstances that lead human being to seek a solution prefer yours.

Example: what provides a project manager seek out new software to organize their team? How do their present options loss short and also what would certainly inspire them to implement a new mechanism, also though it could lead to unhappy employees and instrumental managers who withstand change?

2. Success factors

Success components are similar to benefits, but they are even more particular and characterized. What results perform they expect to achieve by purchasing your solution?

Example: if a young urbanite desires to buy a new computer, you could assume that rate and also computing power matters… however what if that isn’t extremely crucial to them? What if the prestige that comes with owning a MacPublication Pro, and the feeling its sleek architecture offers them, matters more than technology specs in the end?

3. Perceived barriers

What could make a potential customer concern that they’re making the wrong choice? When interviewing world who freshly evaluated a solution prefer yours, expect to find plenty of misconceptions—including issues you’ve already resolved and some that never before existed in the initially location. The resistance might come from buyers themselves, however it might likewise come from peers, friends, family members, or colleagues.

Example: does a mobile phone carrier have a reputation for dropped calls in a major city, despite the fact that they have a better-than-average record? If a sales manager desires to purchase a cell phone business for their entire sales team, their supervisors or employees might plant seeds of doubt based upon a renowned misconception.

4. Decision criteria

Which attributes of completing carriers, assets, or solutions perform your customers consider vital in order to make a purchase? What are their expectations for each feature? What makes them leave a webwebsite, and also what would certainly make them stay?

This insight will certainly form your marketing strategy, and also it normally has actually nopoint to do through what’s new or what renders your product truly unique.

Example: as soon as in search of scheduling software to book appointments, does a busy sales expert treatment how much it costs if the company is willing to pay for it? They may be more pertained to through a certain element of ease of usage (for both themselves and anyone that books a meeting via them).

5. Buyer’s journey

This is wbelow you accumulation every little thing you learn around the actions your buyers take, the resources they trust, and also the influencers associated, from start to the finish.

Example: as soon as someone considers buying a deluxe watch, they can shop digital, visit a few stores, and also be influenced by short articles they’ve review or their peers’ recommendations. With that in mind, it makes feeling to study:

What did they execute first when they chose to shop for a new watch?

How did they hear about the different brands they’re considering?

Who/what sources affected their decision?

The conventional method to generate psychographic profiles

A emphasis group brings together a very closely schosen, demographically diverse set of potential clients for a guided discussion about a product or service.

Focus groups are excellent as soon as you want to reveal your product or campaign to a tarobtain team of customers and also see/hear their reactions. The team dynamic is appropriate for this objective, but disastrous for recording individual stories and experiences (also, you need a strong facilitator to avoid the discussion being led astray by strong characters within the group). 

Method 2: brainstorming with internal stakeholders

Surveys are a great method to gain confidence in the outcomes of your interviews and also obtain a deeper understanding into what is most or least vital to buyers. Plus, you deserve to segment findings based on any type of demographic elements, bereason you acquire a wider team of human being to respond.

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Just usage caution as you create a customer survey, because you could end up simply reinforcing your existing perceptions and biases. It’s finest to perform the interviews first (view below) to discover the psychographics of the buying decision, and also then usage the survey to test your insights and learn how different industries or audiences think about the decision itself.