Personal Trainer, Inc., owns and operates fitness centers in a dozen Midwestern cities. The centers have actually done well, and also the agency is planning an worldwide development by opening a brand-new “supercenter” in the Toronto location. Personal Trainer’s president, Cassia Umi, hired an IT consultant, Susan Park, to help build an indevelopment mechanism for the brand-new facility. Throughout the job, Susan will certainly job-related carefully with Gray Lewis, who will certainly control the brand-new operation.


Working as an IT consultant for Personal Trainer, Susan Park provided data and process modeling devices to develop a logical design of the proposed information mechanism. Now she desires to construct an object-oriented see of the mechanism using O-O devices and also techniques.


Before you perdevelop the following work, you need to testimonial the indevelopment and also background in Chapters 1 and 2, and the fact-finding summary of the case gave in Chapter 4.

1. Identify feasible use situations and also actors, and also create a use case diagram for the Personal Trainer indevelopment mechanism.

2. Select one of the use cases and also produce a class diagram.

3. Create an object connection diagram for the device.

4. Create a state change diagram that explains typical member states and also exactly how they adjust based on particular actions and also events.

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Personal Trainer INC

Identifying usage situation and also actor and also create usage instance diagram

An actor is characterized as an exterior entity that helps in initiating a use instance by requesting the mechanism to perform a procedure or attribute.

Actors which Personal Trainer INC include:

• Member

• Instructor

• Manager

• Staff

Use situation is characterized as the task performed by an actor.

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Use instances which Personal Trainer INC include:-

• Add Member

• Member purchase

• Cancel Membership

• Bill member

• Track Usage

Use instance diagram:

Use situation diagram is defined as an introduction of various usage cases pertained to each other in a device. Identification of the device boundary is the first step of the usage case diagram. System borders are represented by a rectangle. What is contained and also what is excluded that is what is inside the mechanism limits and what will certainly be exterior the system borders is characterized by system boundary. After creating device boundary, actors and usage situation are place.

Use case of Personal Trainer Information device is as shown:


This use case diagram is for Member Acquisition, Bill Member, and also Track Usage use instances. In this use case diagram, there are 3 actors which are member, staff and also manager. In billing mechanism, member makes a purchase by requesting staff and the staff document the purchase. The member purchase updates the document and likewise notifies the member around the bill payment.