On my Windows 7 machine (build 7100, x64, Dell XPS M1710 laptop), I"m getting horrible performance after chrome crashes. I kill the chrome process from the Reresource Monitor, yet after that perfmon.exe itself is presented as taking around 50% of the CPU (52.31% best now).

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Quitting Performance Monitor, then founding it aget, mirrors perfmon starting out via a reasonable CPU, but it quickly (ten seconds) shoots right ago up.

Suggestions? So far a reboot seems to be the only method to solve the trouble. I"m assuming that the perfmon worry is just a symptom of the genuine difficulty.

(Upday, a lot later: this never gained refixed. I"m not seeing the difficulty in the RTM Windows 7 + latest Chrome. Yes, it was a core 2 duo, so presumably Chrome was running complete blast on one CPU.)



Perfmon.exe -> attempt finishing the proces and also you will watch what happfinish.Perfmon = PERF (Performance) MON (Monitor)Actually the logic name for the Resource Monitor procedure it can be "Resmon"... yet we understand microsoft.

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