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Logitech is one the a lot of renowned companies in the peripheral sector, historically making good assets that are user-friendly, high in performance, and a lot of of all, comfortable. Does their premium Performance Mousage MX remain true to develop, or is it a rare miss in the company"s portfolio? By Shane N.

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Performance Mouse MX Contents

Logitechnology Performance Mousage MX: Contents

Logitechnology Performance Mousage MXLogitech Nano Unifying receiverCable storage pouchMirco-USB to USB cableNano Unifying receiver to USB extension cableUSB Direct Plug-in AC/DC adapterInstallation CDQuick Start GuideTips Guide

Logitech Performance Mousage MX: Aesthetics and also Accessories


The Performance Mouse MX is just one of Logitech"s larger mice deindications, to say the least. They have constantly been known to make their full dimension mice massive, bulky, and also a little bit hefty. The Performance Mousage MX, yet, is really comfortable and also was not strenuous to my hand over longer durations of use. I will certainly go over the as a whole performance and comfort of this computer mouse in the future.

The cable storage pouch is good for those on the go bereason the charger and cables can all fit inside easily. There is no room for the computer mouse, however it still seems pretty handy and helps keeps things organized.

The installation CD is quick, basic, and simple to install. Also, they have consisted of a quick start guide and tips overview that help customers learn around and maximize all the good functions the Performance Mouse MX offers.


This mouse mirrors many of the exact same qualities of Logitech’s MX Revolution computer mouse. It’s a lot bigger than the majority of mice and is made to contour the individuals hand also rather than the oppowebsite. The only downautumn to this design is that it is pudepend made for right-handed civilization.

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Unlike the Rdevelopment MX, Logitech has actually swapped out the recharging dock in favor of a straightforward Micro USB to USB cable for juicing the Performance Mouse MX"s rechargeable battery. While it initially it may seem to be a downgrade, I actually think this strategy is much better bereason via simply the cable it"s is feasible to still usage the mouse while charging. Waiting for a complete charge or overcharging the previous version (MX Revolution) was very common for me.

The battery life on the Performance Mousage MX is pretty typical compared to a lot of casual mice, conking out somewright here around 20 to 25 hours note. That"s is enough time for any type of user to be on the computer system for as long as they wanted. In our earlier evaluation of Gigabyte’s Aithrough M8600 Wiremuch less Macro Gaming computer mouse, we observed that they had actually an extraordinary amount of battery life (50 hours). The battery of Logitech’s Performance Mousage MX is absolutely not as much as par against Gigabyte"s; but it is pretty conventional for most users that would be looking to buy this computer mouse.

The Performance Moust MX"s scroll wheel has 2 kinds of scrolling settings and also side scrolling. The first mode is the "normal" click-to-click scroll wheel setting that lets you scroll dvery own a webpage at a consistent rate. The second mode is taken into consideration “Hyper-Rapid Scrolling” from Logitech, which functions an virtually frictionmuch less spinning wheel for scrolling down and also up. Scrolling approximately the top or dvery own to the finish of a file or webweb page is ridiculously fast in this mode. It makes functioning via many type of documents reliable and simple. Also, the side scroll is fast and simple to access on the top of the computer mouse.

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Beyond the wheel, the Performance Mouse MX features four butloads wright here your thumb resides: ago, forward, zoom and an application switcher. The back and forward butloads are a bit high for the thumb which makes it a little uncomfortable. However, I do like the application switcher that Logitechnology has actually included because it enables for assorted applications to be accessed incredibly easily.

Now, that’s sufficient around the aesthetics of this computer mouse, let’s go over the specifications.