The phrase per aspera ad inferi equates from Latin to via hardships to Hell or by stormy to the grave.A song that encounters huguy ambition. A song that depicts an old… Read More 

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Unholy is the lust in your eyes“Blasphemous” would not suffice (Ah)Perverted are your wishes and dreamsTanning in Lucifer's beams (Ah)Per Aspera Ad InferiPer Aspera Ad InferiPer Aspera Ad InferiPer Aspera Ad InferiAll your dreams will come trueAll your dreams will come true (Oh)Oh, Satan, devour us allHear our desperate callPer Aspera Ad InferiPer Aspera Ad InferiPer Aspera Ad InferiPer Aspera Ad InferiPer Aspera Ad InferiPer Aspera Ad InferiPer Aspera Ad InferiPer Aspera Ad Inferi
The expression per aspera ad inferi translates from Latin to with hardships to Hell or by rough to the grave.

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A song that faces huguy ambition. A song that depicts an old generation that are still considering themselves as a component of youth and also their never dying ambition to become something else.

If that is combined with any form of religious idea it’s surpclimbing exactly how unbeknownst they are to the reality that they are in a biblical sense worshipping the evil one.

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A Namemuch less Ghoul told Loudwire:

A lot of human being would argue and say that is what they do eexceptionally day. I think that is an extremely, exceptionally common human fate. Without diving into the toils of the negative world or those less fortunate, which is a sepaprice discussion, it is about huguy ambition. It is a ‘high horse’ way of saying, “Does it really matter?” We’re going to Hell anyway, regardmuch less of what you execute. It is a modern phenomenon that just via philosophy and partaking in whatever collective action that requirements to be done to make a difference, whatever that distinction is, the distinct individual has actually a tendency to always count on the cumulative to execute one point, where I, as an individual, have the right to do somepoint else. Most people have the right to jointly agree upon a solution being the ideal, but I have my career, so do your point. I’ll just do mine. It doesn’t really matter; we’re all going to Hell.