I freshly had actually the pleacertain of revisiting Pantene"s Relaxed and also Natural Line. I tried the Intensive Moisturizing Conditioner (eh...) and also fell ago in love with the mask! Below, you"ll find a slightly modified testimonial of the Deep Conditioning Mask (originally posted in 2008), and also a quick testimonial of the Intensive Moisturizing Conditioner.

Pantene Pro V Relaxed & Natural Breakage Defense Deep Conditioning Mask

(6oz for $5.99 )

I"ve avoided cones (plastics supplied in hair and other beauty commodities that have the right to coat the hair shaft and block out moisture) favor the pester considering that around 2006. It wasn"t until a couple of months ago that my hair fell in love through Devacare One C (which has amodimethicone much dvery own the list) that I chose to look right into them better. So, like a true PJ and hair-a-holic, I researched that particular cone and also ran across this post. Apparently, the A-cone isn"t all that bad, in reality it is one of the cones that doesn"t construct up over time. It actually keeps your hair strong and protects it from breakage and also splitting! I still shampoo, but I do not use a sulfate-based one... a Cocamidopropyl Betaine-based poo will certainly suffice!

I then ran throughout a threview wbelow many naturals on LHCF were praising an additional A-cone conditioner- Pantene Relaxed and Natural Breakage Defense Deep Conditioning Mask. I picked some up and have actually fallen in love via it also! If in 2006, someone would certainly have told me that I"d be using Pantene R&N, I would"ve told them they"d lost their mind. This stuff is impressive. I"m obviously on a modified CG program currently.

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Product Description: Created for woguys of shade. Unique Amino Pro-V Complex. Deep penetrating formula. This repairs and protects hair to minimize shedding. Essential oils and moisturizing problem.

Ingredients: water, stearly on alchohol, amdimethicone, behentrimonium choride, cety alcohol, coconut oil, jojoba seed oil, panthenol, pathenyl ethyl ether, fragrance, lysine hcl, methyl tyrosinate hcl, histidine, benzyl alcohol, disodium edta, methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone, sodium hydroxide

My Experience: I usage this twice a week after co-washing and detangling. On lazy days, I actually use it to detangle! I slather it on thick...I intend genuine thick (I go with a jar a week), don a plastic baggie, my micro heat cap, and also let it sit for 30 minutes to an hour. Upon rinsing, silky, strengthened, shiny tresses are revealed. This is a certain keeper. Give it a try!!!!!!


Detangles like nothing I"ve ever before used...ever! The slip aspect is RIDIC!Leaves my hair ridiculously soft and also shinyMy ends break less-- however this could be due to numerous other factorsThis drugkeep deep conditioner is absolutely comparable to its pricey salon counterparts.The price is great!


I wish it came in a bigger dimension.It consists of a cone at the height of the ingredient list- if you endure buildup basic, this might actually be detrimental to your retention.Sometimes it"s tough to discover (that"s why I quit making use of it), it need to be extremely popular!

I have the right to typically uncover it at Walmart ($5), Lowe"s Food ($6.25), or in bulk from Amazon.

**As of last week, this conditioner is going earlier in rotation! I do not recognize just how I"ve made it through without it! It is truly a keeper, and worth a shot.

Pantene Pro V Relaxed & Natural Intense Moisturizing Conditioner

(25 oz for $5)

Product Description: The oil-enriched formula helps seal in moisture. You video camera obtain as much as 99% stronger hair versus damage.

Ingredients: water, stearyl alcohol, dimethicone, behentrimonium chloride, cetyl alcohol, coconut oil–cocos nucifera, jojoba seed oil–simmondsia chinensis, fragrance, panthenyl ethyl ether, panthenol, lysine HCl, methyl tyrosinate HCl, histidine, disodium EDTA, sodium hydroxide, methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone, benzyl alcohol

My Experience: Overall my endure via this conditioner was lack luster. I was hoping for a multi-function product- - a detangler and also leave-in. Needless to say, I was a bit disappointed.

I stepped right into the shower, and shampoo"ed to rid my hair of any kind of build-up—my attempt to offer this new excellent smelling conditioner a fair possibility. After my hair was clean and also soft (many thanks to a Poo Bar from Mehandi), I generously applied the Intensive Conditioner from root to tip. I allowed it to marinate while I took my shower and also after 15 or 20 minutes started the detangling process. As I detangled my hair with my fingers under the shower stream... I noticed somepoint dreadful! My hair felt more tangled than prior to and also had actually a rough texture. The strands felt stripped of all moisture. I was expecting an endure like the Deep Conditioning Mask, but this was completely the opposite. I had to rinse the Intensive Conditioner, and also moisturize and also detangle via old faithful. Obviously, I never before got about to trying it as a leave-in.

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I gave it an additional opportunity a couple of days later on...thinking it was a fluke. I didn"t shampoo this time, and rather applied it straight after water rinsing. Aacquire, my hair became matted and felt stripped/dry. Oh well, this one"s not for me!

Bottom Line: My suffer through the Intensive Moisturizing Conditioner is a shining instance of exactly how eexceptionally product is not for eextremely head! I gain lots of emails from you gals asking me if I"ve tried this conditioner, and also what I think. It"s incredibly renowned, and many type of of you are rocking great smelling, shiny, defined, moisturized curls because of it. Well not me, lol! I should pinpoint precisely which ingredient my hair detests so a lot so I have the right to prevent buying similar assets in the future.