Over the years, some pretty major stars have sassist goodbye to acting functions for a ton of various factors.

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Ross Butler, for example, starred on both Riverdale and 13 Reasons Why prior to being replaced on the CW series. “Tright here are other projects that I’m looking at, but the primary factor was 13 Reasons. I was pretty sure it was going to come ago for a 2nd season and also I put all my chips on that coming earlier,” the actor told Seventeen in May 2017. “If I left Riverdale and also 13 Reasons didn’t take place, I would not be in an excellent location. But I was getting some excellent vibes that it would certainly obtain picked up.”

Eventually, he starred as Zach Dempsey for all 4 seasons of 13 Reasons Why while actor Charles Melton took over his Riverdale role.

One of Ross’ 13 Reasons Why costars, Katherine Langford, proficient something equivalent as soon as leaving her starring function as Hannah Baker. “I feel prefer I’ve grown a lot more as a perboy, and hopefully even more as an actor, and also that’s something that I hope I can proceed to execute,” she told RadioTimes.com around leaving the character in the previous after 2 periods.

Throughout a Sonny With a Chance reunion in April 2020, Demi Lovato opened up up about her decision to decomponent from the Disney Channel series. The actress described that she “went through a lot” while filming the present.

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wasn’t resting and I was so miserable and also angry as well bereason I felt prefer I was being overworked,” Demi told her previous costars. “I had the finest time with you men and also once I think around the display, I miss you guys. If we were ever to perform anything, I think we should just perform a entirety new point.”

In a sepaprice interview with Bustle in July 2020, the songstress and anxiety additionally touched upon leaving the sitcom. “When I went to treatment in 2010,” she sassist. “I came out of the experience through the option of talking around my battles or my journey via the opportunity of helping human being, or maintaining my mouth shut and also going back to Disney Channel. And I was like that doesn’t feel authentic to me. So I decided to tell my story.”

Similarly, Jake T. Austin, Miley Cyrus, Dylan and Cole SprouseShailene Woodley, Ariel Winter, Rowan Blanchard and more stars have actually all left various shows and movies for one reason or an additional over the years. Scroll with our gallery to uncover why these actors sassist goodbye to some of their duties. 

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